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 Sakthi's Chutney Recipes-2


                                          "Kuda-Puli" Chutney

            Kuda-puli is a small sour fruit and is highly praised in Ayurveda and folk medicine for its excellent anti-colic action. For any problems related to colon, the lkudaarge intestine, this is a great medicine. It is also a powerful anti-spasmodic, preventing spasms in intestines. This is also good for inflammatory bowel  diseases. This is often used in the states of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in India. Available in Indian stores. Use this daily for at least 41 days in the form of soup or chutney. It is extremely sour so use coconut or almonds to lessen the sourness. The picture below is the dried form of kuda-puli.


Kuda-puli 1/4 Cup Ginger grated 2 Teaspoon
Coconut grated 2 Teaspoon Flavor mix 1 Teaspoon
Salt ½ Teaspoon Water 3 Tablespoon


Grind all the ingredients into a fine paste.

Serve with bread, rice, tortillas.

Preparation time: 10 minutes.

Benefits:  This fruit  is good for  digestive problems and cures any diseases in the colon. It is anti-spasmodic and also reduces fat and so good for obesity. 

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