Uni5 Universal Self Pattern method (part-2)

We call it the Uni5 Universal Self Pattern method, based on the five fundamental patterns observed in the universe. The Uni5 model generates a five stage pattern to self-connect to all fields of knowledge and enhances memory, creativity, and intelligence in children by integrating both hemispheres of the brain and bringing analytical and intuitive thinking together.

Why do we classify this method as the five energy pattern; why not the one pattern, or nine or even 24 patterns?

To clarify this concept, let us take three similar pictures of a fruit basket and cut the first one into 24 pieces of random size and shapes and the second picture into 24 pieces of zigzag or jigsaw puzzle format and the third one into 24 equal square pieces. Can you guess which of the puzzles will be easy for a child to put together?

zigsaw pattern-fruit

In the third set the child cannot get any clue from the shapes because they are all one single pattern of square shapes. Similarly, the first one has too many shapes to recognize it as a pattern. Whereas the second set has minimal numbers of repeating patterns for each piece. In other words, in the second set, there are fewer patterns of protrusions and cutouts. The child picks, understands this pattern as a clue to solve and, in a self-guided manner, put the picture together.

The Uni5 model eases abstract concepts for children, giving them a five pattern clue to connect them to all fields of knowledge and enhance their creativity and intelligence.

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