Sacrifice, the fuel of life

Na Karmana, Na Prajaya, Dhanena

Tyage Naike Amrithatva  Manasu

Not by action, not by position or wealth;

Sacrifice alone confers immortality.

Sacrifice or Unconditional Love, the highest Energy Transformer, which we spend as fortune or luck in our life: Actions done out of Love (Selfless actions) transform actions to an useable form of Energy (Life force energy)  to the highest magnitude. Unconditional work done irrespective of caste, creed, religions, nationality , race, plants, animals, birds, microbes etc transforms Energy into SAL Energy.

Every energy-form in this universe is sacrificing it's form to change to new. So does sacrifice in human  to bring an addition in life. Sacrifice is unavoidable. Without losing one we cannot gain  another.  Therefore no body is a loser or a winner. Every winner loses and every loser wins. This is why life is fair.

Many a times we ask us this question, why should I sacrifice, why not others?. This could be between a husband and wife or any other family member or in an organization or in a community, country or in the universe. The basic law is that sacrifice is the fundamental of life. Everybody has to do sacrifice for the common good. If we restrict ourselves, we become selfish like the cancer cells. 

In our body, there is a process called, apoptosis or programmed cell death. This is the scientific term for Self-sacrifice. They are programmed to die so that the whole body remains healthy. When cells refuse to undergo this self sacrifice death, cancer results.

In our modern soceity we individuals resist from doing this sort of self-sacrifice. Therefore the community become cancerous. When a cell refuses to do apoptosis we call cancerous. When a individual refuses to do self-sacrifice, we call egoistic person.

Splitting of families to nuclear families is the first symptoms of benign cancer state. Now the individuality is strengthening, which means less and less sacrifice, which means cancerours or malignant nature of scoeity. No individual wants to give up their individuality for community. This could be right at home.

Husband and wife does not want to do their duty , but do what they like. When somebody insist a wife to do their duty, ignorant people comment that it is male-chavunism or supressing womenhood. Like cells in a body every individual has a role (duty) to perform. Why me, why not him asks a wife?. It is like a liver cells ask why should I do this work, why not I do the work of a heart?.

This lack of knowledge of duty and the danger of individuality is the cause of many social problems. From an infectious soceity we have become a cancerous soceity. An infect can be treated because, we know the specific cause or agent. However, cancer is difficult to treat because, the cell itself is the cause.

 Every individual, whether a husband, wife or a child, should focus on performing the duty well and not on strengtheing their individuality. This canerous thinking decreases our luck energy over time.

Sacrifice has been so much emphazised in ancient societies. This is for the benefit of the community.

hand-digitsLook how as a baby we developed hands. Cells in between the finger self-sacrifice adn so we could develop limbs. If the cells between them had resisted to sacrifice, then we would not have digits in hand, but a chicken leg piece kind of flesh in our hand. Images from

This is how we have to self reflect, when it comes to make sacrifices in life. We have fear of death because we dont know the scientific truth that energy cannot be destoryed, it is only transformed. We can never die doing a sacrifice. We are born with that sacrificial energy as luck in our rebirth.

When we have not done any sacrifice (unconditional love, duty), then we lack the luck energy. Then there are ways through rituals to generate small amounts of the energy as discussed in SAL Energy page.

Everybody sacrifices time-Energy into prosperity-energy. However luck-Energy decides the level of prosperity. This luck Energy comes from Sacrifice. Sacrifice means to do something beyond our

1. Physical body,

2. Emotional likes/dislikes/beliefs/attitude/discimination

3. logical reasoning/judgements

Based on these three levels and the duration, we increase luck energy or fortune in life. This fortune or luck may happen in the same life time or in different life-times.

Sacrifical acts including-charity/donations/good will/gratitude/compassion/helpfullness/forgiveness/simplicity/truthfullness etc.

Sacrificial energy is the karmic currency that pays us to lead our lives. But like every financial year changes brings the payoff of the efforts, our birth-rebirth life times also bring the fortune and luck in our lives.

Charity, donations, good will, helping nature, life-sacrifical acts to help, protect an individual or a group or country or world are all sacrifical actions that increasing SAL energy, whcih we spend as prosperity in life.

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