Sun's reflection in all 3 stages of the river

     It is the same Sun, the pure unconditioned Consciousness which is reflected in the water of the river at  all its three stages.  The reflected sun is Awareness. Awareness or conditioned Consciousness is the reflection of the pure Consciousness. Awareness is the phenomenon of the brain and nervous system but not Unconditioned Consciousness is independent of body phenomenon. Consciousness and awareness are like sunlight and its reflection respectively. Sunlight does not need any medium for its expression. It shines due to its own power, but it's reflection depends on a medium. Without a suitable medium the reflection of the sun cannot occur and the quality of reflection varies according to the reflecting medium.  The same way Consciousness is present every where, but is reflected as awareness wherever there is a medium (body). The best reflecting medium is the nervous system and the brain.

     Explaining Consciousness to be the phenomenon of brain is like someone arguing that Sun  comes out of river water. In reality, awareness is just the reflection of the unconditioned Consciousness. Modern neuro-science is confused with the real and un-real, the real sun and the reflected sun, the real pure Unconditioned Consciousness and reflected Conditioned consciousness, the awareness. That is why there is so much confusion in understanding consciousness in scientific community. And science cannot understand Consciousness by studying brain which is like trying to study sun by analyzing the reflection on water.

     Now let us go further to see how Sun's reflection are of three forms in the three stages of river.

Casual or Seed  Body

         In the seed body of the river, the Sun’s image is not seen. No image of the Sun is seen upon the snow-capped peaks or upon the glaciers; but in the subtle body of the river, in the mountains, in the rivulets, is the image of the Sun seen. The whole mountain cap glitters as it were the sun.

        This is the condition of our deep sleep state. Like the cold glittering glaciers lies all our impressions hidden there. All talents, all impressions, all tendencies, all knowledge resides in that state. It is the source of that we can think of. But in that state it is unexpressed by the unexpressed river in the snowy mountains. Yet that is the Source of the river. Deep sleep state is so enjoyable because we tap into our seed or causal body. We go to our Source. The deep sleep state is the state of pure awareness. While we are in waking state, we are in the awareness state for brief moments of our peak  happiness. This happens even when we  realize or relish our talents or when some commends on it.

         We will later discuss how individuals tap into this awareness state and discover, invent , create materialistic objects and artistic works. This is the source of all inspirations, creativity and creative intelligence.  This is the Source of Music, poetry, Engineering and also healing. Tapping into this source we can create wonders. But alas, no one takes any attention to go to the Source and get all the knowledge. We are wasting our time and satisfied with with small gift wrappers and not the real gift. We will also discuss this in greater length about tapping into this source and be the source of all knowledge and creativity. This is a topic that all adults as well as kids should know about. Knowing this your life changes into brief happiness to unbounded bliss. 

        Though we talk about the  awareness state as the source of all our talents, the Truth is that our real nature is not the glittering snow, but the Sun, the Soul or Atman or Brahman.

          The Sun's reflection in the subtle state of Mind and intellect , like the dream state is the second  state of the river. Read about the second phase in the next page. 

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