Does Size matter?

All units of measurement

Good on size of different animals

Measurements ratios

Scaling laws

Square cube law

Volume and area

More about perimeter volume area - 3rd grade

Measurements sphere

Easy to remember

C=centigrade and FFahrenheit

In alphabets C is smaller to F (F is higher alphabet)

In other words C is small so it should add 32 to equal to F and also the higher 9 should be on top for C

°F °C  x  9/5 + 32 

In other words F is higher so it should subract -32 to equal to C and also the lower 9 5 should be on top

°C  = (°F  -  32)  x  5/9

Nobel prize talk on Avogadros number

physical significance of avogadro number

Good on Avogadro's number

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