Placenta is the first friend of the child, who comes along with the child to this world. But in modern medical system this friend is removed before even it shows its face to the world. This cutting of umbilical cord  even before the placenta is born is one of the many blunders that hospitals do.

In Vedic practices almost 2 hours later only the cord is cut. This brings about immense health and psychological benefits to the kids. Fits and brain seizures occurs in kids when the cord is cut depriving sudden oxygen supply. Anemia and jaundice occurs more prevalently in hospital born kids because of the cord cutting.

30% of child's blood will be in the placenta, so when the placenta is removed during the delivery, there is a possibility that the child will become weak. A request can be made to the doctor not to remove the placenta for at least 1 hr. This will make a huge difference in the child's health.


Click here to see medical science is now giving importance to delayed  umbilical cord cutting

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