Stress During Child birth

The onset of labor begins when the child send signals to the mother's body. The adrenal gland of the child produces stress hormones and brings more activity in the child. These movements is also stressful  in the child's body.  This stress due to adrenal gland should come to end very quickly else the child will go in shock, the following tips are very useful to reduce the stress in the

1. Mother need to relax during the labor.2. After birth the child need to be kept on mother's left part of the chest.This isbecausethe child is used to hear Mother's heart beat when she/he is in
the womb, so hearing the heartbeat outside makes the child to feel secured and
3. The child should not be separated to the crib from the mother immediately
after birth. This will make the child to feel abandoned. This will result in
more stress in child, which affects the nervous system.

    This is the worst part in hospital births and no one knows how much damaging it is to the new born child. all animals lick their calves when born which is to reduce the stress caused by adrenal glands. In home births and traditional practices , the child is allowed to sleep on the mother at least for the first night. this drastically reduces stress in the child. In hospitals , the child is immediately taken for examination and this causes stress to the kids. Doctors argue that separating the child gives mother some rest but they do not know that the kid's stress hormones in the body has to be brought down.

    Kids suffer from various diseases because the way they are born in the hospitals.  Violent behavior of kids and restlessness and hyper activity also is contributed by the stress at birth. the new born kid comes out stressfully and instead of relaxing them , every step is done to aggravate them in the hospital delivery practices. This stress hormones later causes so many diseases in infants.

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