Before Child birth


Ancient medicinal systems suggest  woman  to avoid * too much talking * too much walking * sleeping late at night * traveling etc. These indiscretions/unwise actions can bring on labor prematurely.

   In the early months of pregnancy, cooling and nutritive herbs and fluids are suggested. In the later pregnancy, herbs that are heating, nutritive and that stimulate the womb are recommended.

   Ayurveda suggests that during the last month of pregnancy  it is good to eat eat freshly prepared foods which are creamy and soft, fat-containing, warm, sweet in taste and fluid. Some of the typical recipes are

1. Gruel of rice or dalia (broken wheat)

2. Semolina or rava cooked in milk

3. Rice mixed with  Yogurt or curd

4. Wheat tortillas or  roti mashed with milk

5. Rice with milk and ghee.

    These foods helps digestion,  avoid constipation and retention of urine  and  gives strength  and promotes lubrication and elasticity in the body. This helps in easy delivery of the baby.

    Ayurveda recommends that to  facilitate normal functioning of  vaayu , one should  eat pungent foods and spices, like black pepper,  asafoetida (hing),  fenugreeek (methi) ,  Bishop weed seeds,  garlic,  brinjal (egg plant).

    It is good to eat frequently and enough and avoid eating foods which stir up vaayu (gas) like stale, fried and fermented foods.

Delayed Delivery: Prepare a paste with a handful of leaves, roots (whole plant) of Cyathula prostrate (malaylam - Kadalady)
and apply over the abdomen 2 or 3 times for two days, when delivery is delayed


Massage before  child birth

   In ayurveda, massage of the belly and womb of a woman during pregnancy, child-birth and afterwards is described, with a caution: use light, circular movements during pregnancy and after child-birth.

   Massage of the belly and womb: As pregnancy advances,  gentle abhayanga (massage but without oil) relieves a woman's discomfort while her body adjusts to the enlarging womb. Massage helps the child to find its natural position.

   In the ninth month, occasional light massage on the belly, thighs, flanks and lower back helps to  relieve tiredness and relaxes and strengthens the muscles, too.

   According to ayurvedic principles,  yoga, activities like walking, diet and herbs are advised for normal labor.

Oil soaked swab in vagina (yoni pichu): In the last month when the child moves downwards and the time for child-birth approaches, a cotton swab soaked in medicated oil is placed in the woman's vagina, once a day.

   This strengthens the vaginal muscles, prevents sepsis and lubricates the birth passage. The oils (taila) prescribed are either * neem oil (Azadirachta indica) or ksheera-baladi taila or plain eranda (castor) oil.

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