Baby Medicines

Baby Herbal mix: .Take a handful of following herbs -  Phyllanthus Niruri leaves, Eclipta Alba, dried ginger powder, tender neem leaves,  10 black pepper and fry in 100 ml to 200 ml of castor oil and then grind to a paste with rice starch water and round up to small pea-nut  size shape and dry in sun. Every week  adults can eat one  capsules after good. Babies, wet with water again and make to a fine paste and give to babies after 3 months. Dose, one fourth of a tablet and after one year old make to half size dose and then after 3 years to one size. 

Benefits: Improves immunity against diseases.

This recipes was given by Mrs. Shantheeshwari, from Thiruvoor, Chennai

 Vacha (Acorus calamus)- Improves memory, corrects stammering naturally

Vasambu, Vayambu new born baby

Ora marunthu

For child fever, cough, cold, vomoting, infections-home remedies.


How to improve immunity?

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