Weaning Foods

There are many healthy recipes to wean a child from breast milk.

Here are some

Bottled or Canned foods: Anything that is fresh has nutrients and has subtlest energy  in it. When cooked food is kept longer it loses that. We adults cannot eat such food then how can we except babies to eat food that has been cooked and bottled and kept for several months. Just for our convenience and just because babies cannot know these facts we feed them these junk good. It could be organically grown foods and bottled , still it is not good. Give freshly prepared food to babies.


Millet: Millet the perfect baby food which  is rich in nutrients and fiber and is also a great cleanser. It detoxifies the body of the baby and keeps healthy. No known allergic reactions to millet has ever been noted (African millet or Indian ragi is the best form of millet). As we said earlier  the body of the infant tries to get rid of the toxins by giving out allergic reactions and pus and itches. The itching sensation occurs so that blood circulation to the skin is increased to remove the toxins. This is why the skin appears red.

    Our experience shows that mothers during pregnancy when drink less amounts of water (do not count fluids intake) accumulate toxins in the umbilical fluids and in turn in the body of the kids. After the kid is born the body of the kid tries to get rid of this in the form of eczema. There fore giving water and giving fiber rich foods like millet helps healing the skin problems.

Corn milk: Cut the corn grits as close as to the hard part. Steam it and then put in a blender and filter to get the milk. This can be started as early as six months. After seven months it can be given without filtering in a solid pasty form. It good in nutrients and rich in fiber too.

Rice dal mix: Rice and dal can be steam and mixed in a blender to make a thick soup. Add butter or ghee (clarified butter). Add a little salt if needed.

Legumes and beans: Soak the beans and legumes for overnight and cook them well. You can add a pinch of ginger (not to irritate the stomach). this will enhance digestion and flatulence in kids. Ginger is optional. Soaking and spouting alone will prevent gas formation. If you want your kid to get enough proteins this is the good way.

Brown rice: If soaked for 2 to 4 hours and then cooked is a fiber rich good and supplies all good nutrients.

Vegetables:Avoid frozen vegetables. freshly prepared vegetables are tasty and nutritious. All vegetables are good. Steam cook carrots and other vegetables. Potatoes steamed and mixed with a pinch of salt and little butter is a good food and tasty food for kids older than 6 to 8 months.

Fruits :Give fresh fruits and juices. use blender to make juice. its easy and gives fibers and other nutrients. Juicers will remove fiber and many other nutrients too. Apples and pears can be blended with little water. Instead of sugar raisins and dates could be given. They are natural sweeteners.

Almond milk: Soak almonds and dates overnight and then put in a blender and add water and make a milk like consistency. its a very good drink for kids. Some kids like it less watery consistency.

Cooking bananas: Ripe bananas can be given by gently smashing between the fingers or could be blended in a blender with water (No sweeteners needed). Ripe cooking bananas are available in market. Steam cook them with water, its excellent food for kids and tasty.

    Look again how our ancestors were highly intelligent in using banana powder to infants, patients and old people.  Children are weaned with this banana powder. Traditionally unripe special banana called "Nenthrampazham" (called as cooking bananas in USA, Mexico) was cut into pieces and sun dried  and store in a clean bottle. It could be powdered and stored also for convenience.  To prepare, pour one teaspoon of ghee to a pan and add two tablespoons of the powder and just briefly fry for 20 seconds. Add water and stir continuously for 5 minutes to cook without forming lumps. Add sugar or palm jaggery for taste. This is an instant natural safe healthy traditional baby food.   This is now scientifically proven that Banana powder isgood because of its high anti-oxidant power and also rich in nutrients.

    This is now scientifically proven that Banana powder is good because of its high anti-oxidant power and also rich in nutrients.

Why Nendran is best weaning food for babies


    This is an excellent recipe to help kids gain weight. This is not organic but it is sold by an ayurvedic center.

Kannan kaya kuruku/kunnan kaya kuruku for babies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83zkKy33avE

Banana Powder Porridge | Baby Weight Gaining Food 6Month+ | Weight Gaining Series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-Jr2BQQKo8

Yogurt : Once the child feeds on rice, mix with yogurt and feed the child. The lactic acid organisms in it are suitable for infant feeding.

    A good tonic for children is prepared by heating a cup full of fresh drumstick leaf juice and then the clear fluid is filtered.

     It is mixed with milk instead of water and the infants and children are fed once a day to help them to grow healthy with strong bones, blood and high resistance against infections and mal-nutrition.


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Protein quality of developed home made weaning foods.


Home made weaning foods developed from locally available foods like bajra, barley, green gram (Vigna radiata L.), amaranth grain (Amaranthus sp.) and jaggery using household technologies like roasting and malting had a PER ranging from 2.04 to 2.13, BV 79.56 to 80.68, NPU 66.75 to 67.86, NPR 2.13 to 2.76 and PRE 34.18 to 44.18. The values were comparable to that of cerelac--a commercial weaning food.

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