Baby Remedies

Infant Allergies

For child fever, cough, cold, vomoting, infections-home remedies.


Why are many kids suffering from allergies?. More scientific research into this aspect shows that intestinal exposure to "diet" in early days of childhood is one of the prime cause for developing allergies to various dietary and environmental allergens. (See details in the most prestigious journal "Science", 2005 March, Volume 312,page 1922.

Microbes and diseases: With the successful invention of penicillin to kill micro-organisms, modern allopathic medicine made a huge impact in saving lives from bacterial infections. But when this invention went into the pharmaceutical companies and doctors, it was abused stealing the health of many people.

    Now modern science is understanding that the bacteria in the human body is needed for the health. Read this link especially Gut flora in human infantswithout fail. This applies to human also.

   Due to many modern life stlye changes we have altered the human gut flora which contributes to our health. Traditional health practices indirectly took care of the micro flora in the gut.

    With the increased use of anti-biotics not only as medicine but also in food and diary products will cause increase in many diseases.  Anti-biotic genes are present in Genetically-modified crops (GMO) and are given to cow feeds liberally to prevent infections. All these anti-biotics then get into our human system and change the bacterial population in the gut leading to various diseases. It is believed that after the introduction of genetically modified Soybean the incidence of allergy increased. The new proteins in the GMO foods could change the gut bacteria of the mother and also the baby that could have an influence on health. It is therefore advisable to use non-GMO (organic) corn, Non-GMO (organic) soy products during and after pregnancy.

Immunity and Eczema: Infant allergies are higher in "hygenically clean" societies. The chances of getting eczema problem are higher in C-section (cesearian) babies  compared to vagina delivered babies. The reason is that the millions and billions of bacterias, viruses and other micro-organisms  in the vagina will enter the baby's mouth, nose and ears when  the baby passes through the vagina during the few hours of deliver time. This is the first time that the baby's body encounters bacteria. Immediately the "immune learning"system of the baby is activated. Through this immune learning the immune system learns to differentiate the body's own parts from foreign bodies like bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms.

    In C-section babies, since the child's body is not exposed to micro-organisms and but only is exposed to food proteins that the mother eats and comes to the baby through baby's milk and the environmental pollens and food particles. Now the immune system thinks that these are foreign and start to attack the food or environmental proteins that the baby get exposed.

    Tropical countries like India , where the environment is less hygenic (not to mention hospitals), C-section babies are exposed immediately to bacteria after birth from the environment and so less allergies are seen. Many Indians living in USA, UK and European countries would notice that their siblings or cousins living in India would have less frequency of having babies with eczema and allergy problems.

Toxins in Mother's body: On top of that if the mother's body is full of toxins then the immunity is weakened leading to poor immunity and or hyper-active abnormal immune response, the allergies.  Mothers who had less nausea and vomiting had children with more incidence of allergies than mothers who had nausea and vomiting. Vomiting is a natural mechanism for the body to throw out the toxins. This is why we recommend to do cleansing to remove toxins before planning pregnancy.

Simple remedy: A traditional Indian practice is to give castor oil drops with breast milk. One drop of castor oil is mixed with one teaspoon of breast milk and given to the new born baby everyday in the first week. Two drops of castor oil is mixed with one teaspoon of breast milk and given to the new born baby everyday in the second week. Three drops of castor oil is mixed with one teaspoon of breast milk and given to the new born baby everyday in the fourth week. This is done for six weeks and then there after six drops of oil is given once a week for next two months and then the same dosage is given for once a month till age of one year.

The above is an excellent medicine to detoxify the baby and prevent from skin rashes. The mother is also given castor oil once a day, few drops with her food to prevent these health issues in the children. (This year 2008, we witnessed a baby child being given this castor oil (St.louis USA). The child was absolutely healthy without any health problems.                                                                                                            Oil to reduce scaly red skin: Apply Kukui oil or Organic Jojoba oil on the baby's skin to reduce scaly and redness. Applying any steroidal creams only suppresses the immune system from reacting.  Instead you can apply a natural anti-histamine which can prevent allergic reactions on the skin. Make a paste of Couch grass on the areas with little coconut oil. You can also make a medicated oil by making a paste of the leaves with less water and add to heated coconut oil. Simmer it for few more minutes and then save it in a clean glass bottle. Apply this oil every alternative day with jojoba oil.

Fermented rice: For children more than three to six months, few drops of fermented rice water or rice with water can be given to give healthy microbial flora in the gut. This way they may overcome the allergy problems. Give in small doses for a while and see if the child accepts it and continue for few weeks or months. Click this link for information about  Fermented Rice. However for a very young baby of three months to six month old , one should give only the fermented rice water and be careful that the child should not develop diarhoea or dysentry.  The fermented rice has millions of healthy bacteria that when grows in the gut of the baby might help to prevent allergy and eczema.

Baby Remedies

Simple remedies
Gastro-intestinal disturbances

    Make a decoction of Dil seeds by boiling one teaspoon in  half cup of water. Give one teaspoon of the decoction for three months baby and two teaspoons for 6 months baby and one table spoon for a year old (additional table spoon for each additional year. this means two table spoon for two year, three tablespoon for 3 year etc.

 Oil seeds are always safe for kids.

    Fresh ginger juice 5 to 10 drops mixed in milk is given with very gratifying results to prevents and cure gastro-intestinal disturbances in infants and children.

    A nutmeg rubbed five to ten times on a slab of stone along with honey is given as a sleeping medicine for those infants who keep on crying all the night without any obvious reason.

    Powder of the ajowan seeds mixed with white of an egg is applied over umbilical hernia in infants and children.

    For stomach flu it is very good to give a teaspoon of turmeric powder three to four times a day with or without honey.

    Activated charcoal of areca nut and turmeric 1 to 5 gms given with butter-milk acts excellently in curing diarrhoea, dysentery, heart burn, dyspepsia, jaundice, excessive passing of flatus either up or downward, flatulent colic, etc. It can be given even to infants without any fear in 1 to 5 gms dose, based on the age and weight of the kid.

    Fomenting betal leaves by smearing castor oil over the abdomen expels the distanced gas and cheers the crying infants due to flatulent colic.

Constipation: This is caused by three reasons. For effective relief please Click here.

Burns: Run cold water over the burn and then wipe to dryness using cotton and then apply the following medicine. Boil Turmeric (one teaspoon) with 100 gms of coconut oil and one teaspoon of tamarind seed powder. Store the oil in a clean bottle and apply on burns.  Applying Aloe vera fresh juice on burns is also excellent for burns.

Scabies: Boil coconut oil (100 gms) with turmeric powder ( one teaspoon) and garlic (4pods) and then store the oil and apply. See more details in the section of bath and oil massage.

Dysentery:Severe lose motion (diarhoea, dysentery) : Add five teaspoon of turmeric powder in one glass of water and boil well. Every two hours keep giving in small quantities. But even after 24 to 48 hours if it does not stop contact a doctor.

Ear infections: Take a piece of well dried ginger. Pierce with a needle and immerse the ginger in coconut oil. Then allow the ginger piece to catch fire (use a candle or lamp). Then hold the ginger over a clean small vessel or a big tablespoon. Drop drops of coconut oil over the burning ginger drop by drop. Then burned oil drops down on the table spoon. After the oil is cool, add these drops of oil into the ear. To my knowledge any type of ear infections goes with this. Use clear oil, don't drop any particles into the ear. (More information please Click here).

Cough: (More information please Click here). Smash one red onion (pearl onion) and extract juice. Give one tablespoon of it with honey. We found this is an excellent medicine not only for cough but also for cold and congestion./p>

    Giving holy basil extract (one teaspoon) or mint leaf extract  is also good for cough and cold and phlegm.

Red-Rash: (More information please Click here). Cook horse gram and when it is steaming hot, bring close to the infant and allow the steam to go around the baby. Be cautious not to hurt or burn the baby with the steaming hot lentil. Doing this for few days will remove the thick reddish patches on the body of new born babies.

Teeth:For teeth strength and growth give dates and apple to bite. But take care that the kid does not choke itself eating this. Always make the habit of kid to wash and rinse  the mouth with water any time after eating or drinking. Tongue cleaning gently in the morning and before going to Bed. This will prevent tooth problems.

Good Snacks for kids : Carrots, dried fruits, nuts like cashews, almonds, Macedonia, brazil nuts, peanuts, pecan, walnuts etc. Give dates, raisins instead of sweets or choclates.

Worms: Give raw juice of drum stick leaves (one tablespoon) for one year and older. After three years give 1 to 2 ounces with honey for five days.

To have good hair growth :Apply castor oil or unrefined sesame oil and give bath.

For child's congestion
1. Prepare a soup (Drumstick / Chicken) with lots of garlic, ginger, methi
seeds, Perungayam (For milk secretion), black pepper and give it to the mother.
2. Give a slight hot massage for the baby, by dipping a cloth in hot water and
applying it all over the child's body.
3. Show very little amount of diluted vicks / ecualyptus oil at baby's nose.
4. Avoid fruits for mother (As per ayurveda). If fruits are given make sure to
avoid cold fruits.

For yellowishness in the body (Jaundice)
1. Show child's bare body to early morning sunlight

Child Bath
1. Apply coconut oil all over the body and give a massage. Leave for 10 minutes. 
2. Mix Mung Dhal powder and turmeric powder and apply all over the body
3. Add a pinch of turmeric in hot water to avoid any infection through water.

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