Baby Exercise

Baby Massing stimulates the lymphatic system which is very important for immunity. Since the baby is most of the time sleeping, not giving good massage reduces the immunity. This results in frequent colds and fever.

   Baby Yoga type massaging is the best. Apply oil and give good massage. This increases the lymphatic circulation. As we have discussed in the sakthi web site, there are two types of circulations,  the blood and the lymphatic circualtion. Blood is circulated by heart pumping while lymphatic circulation by body movements. Massaging of babies (Abhayanga in Ayurveda) increases immunity through good lymphatic circualtion.

   In Soutjh India traditionally hot water bath (turning baby into almost red) was given to increase lymphatic circualtion.

   Baby immunity depends on this massage and the mother's diet which has lot of medicinal herbs. These herbs flow through milk into the baby's body giving good immunity. This was the secret behind special post-delivery recipes for the delivered mother.

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