Qualities of a good parent 

please do not stress the children in any way to undergo transformations based on this article.

Physical needs for the child
Responsbility to privide good food, shelter, clothing, medication and education but not luxury.
Emotional needs for the child
Love with compassion and freedom has to be given without any conditions. We cannot live through them. They are not our social status. they have their own life. They are individuals.
Intellectual needs of the child
Make the child to know that every thing can be atttained only through work and effort.

But need not always preech the child with advices. 1-6 years old children cannot understand such long conversations and philosophy. We can suggest him but not force him.

Do not put off your child’s talents and let own before others. Same time do not say he alone is the best. He is one among the best.
Try to understand the issues of your children. Try to get justice for your child’s rights.

Do not expect – List:
Do not think that your child must know what is struggle. But when the child grows we must try to expose them to reality of situations.
Do not force the child to fulfill your dreams.
Do not expect immediate results from your children.
Do not compare your children with others.
Do not respect your child only just based on academics.
Do not accept all his demands and spoil him with lavish spending and blind love.
Do not expect that they must follow you in all aspects. Do not doubt your own child.
Do not threat them, bribe them.
Do not talk ill about any one especially about his school and tutors.

What the child must know by 5 years – 18 years?

Each child has the own limits and talents.
Your child can be one among the best. He/she cannot be the best for ever.
He/she must be able to accept the healthy competetions and results of any actions.
He/she must be taught to face the reality with acceptance of failure also.
He/she must be confident but not selfboasting and over confident
He/she must be encouraged for his/her talents.
He/she must be very clear about cause-effect theory from very small age.
Marks, ranks and rewards are not life.
Make them to realize that your support will be there at any tough time in life.
This will make them to accept and share their failures and mistakes with you.
They must be well prepared to have alternative choices and solutions.
We cannot put off any other child before our child. Try to understand that for every parents their child is great.
Try to understand his needs will change when he grows.
Self discipline is very important which can be brought without threats.
He/she must be aware about your hard work and sacrifices. He/she must be able to value the money and its importance.
Try to solve his issues with his school and peers.
Try to provide a calm happy family setup. Avoid conflits, violance at home. Try to avoid all unacceptable habits.
TV, net connection, mobile phones can be give at correct age.
Give less choices. oo many choices will confuse the child.
Try to have a chat with them in evenings. Spend special time for them.
We all have an inner child of our self. That child has to be developed first.
We must transform and make others to get transform.
Be firm,but not rude and abuse them any way.
Expose them to good culture, traditions, values, arts and socail skills.
Give importance to social skills.

What are the factors which makes a child to get stressed at family situation?
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