Ayurvedic medicines used after Delivery

These are the herbal medications suggested in Ashtanga hridyam. these medications are available in many medical stores. We suggested getting them from www.aryavaidyasala.com

These medications helps in giving good health to mother and the growing child in the womb.

After  delivery second day to fourteenth day

Dashamoola arishtam, jeeragarishtam, in equal quantities, 30 ml morning and evening after food.

Pulileham or deepyakaadhi-choornam 5 grams before lunch and dinner in hot water or boiled-yogurt.

Make a medicated soup with these spices in yogurt and use for lunch. Add small quantities of dried ginger, curry leaves, Bishop's weed (Ajwain or Ayamodakam, turmeric add and boil yogurt, little induppu (black salt).

Garlic 15 grams, fried in sesame oil or ghee and eaten just before breakfast. Red-onions can also be used instead of garlic.

For taking bath use your routine oil and for body use dhanwanthiram thailam. Apply and wait for half an hour. Turmeric can be added to the thailam.  Channa-dal flour or green gram flour can be used to remove oil as shampoo during bathing. To bathing water naal-paamara-patta or vaatham-kolli can be added and used.

From days fourteen to twenty eight days

  1. Dasha-moolam arishtam, jeeragarishtam, for drinking and dhanwanthari thailam for bathing can be used.
  2. Dhanwanthari kashayam 10 to 15 ml, four times boiled and cooled water , dhanwanthiram(101) 10 drops, one mahadhanwanthiram tablet added and empty stomach  and evening five o clock should be taken.
  3. Vidhariyagritham two spoon  before lunch.

Twenty eight day to sixteenth day

  1. Vidaryadhi-gritham, dhanwanthiram kuzhambu, like above be used.
  2. Aashwa-gandhadhilegham 15 grams, 400 ml loha-sindhooram (14) together before going to be in night , then after that drink one hot cup  of milk.
  3. Avoid chiilli spices, tamarind, tubers, beans, fried items,
  4. Use more vegetables and fruits,
  5. Avoid afternoon sleeps, staying late nights.

Petiratti kashayam -After third day

A herbal preparation called pettiratti kashayam is given to shrink the fat in the body after third day of delivery.

Boil the ingredients  in two and half liters of dhanwanthiram kashayam and reduce to 750 ml. Add one dhanwanthiram gulika to one ounce of the herbal medicine and drink it morning seven oclock. Boil one teaspoon of  cumin seeds (Jeerakam) in one tea cup of water and reduce to half cup and one ounce of medicine and drink evening at 5 oclock. Do this for 5 to 7 days.


Increasing MilkAsparagus racemosus  Shatavari is very good. 

The use of galactogogues in the breastfeeding mother.

Plasma hormones, metabolites, milk production, and cholesterol levels in Murrah buffaloes fed with Asparagus racemosus in transition and postpartum period.  Asparagusracemosus (Haathawariya) has a high antioxidant potential with a low phenolic content.

Immunostimulant activity of dry fruits and plant materials used in indian traditional medical system for mothers after child birth and invalids. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10904150

Another excellent recipe.


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