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                                    Over Weight

      Being over weight is a very common problem. Everyone wants to be slim and healthy. There are many methods to lose weight which may be effective , but they may have some undesirable effects. Those approaches may be expensive, cumbersome, involve dietary restrictions, or involve medications that may have serious side effects.

Is there any magic to cut down weight without changing diet, doing no exercise and taking no pills? Yes! The answer is through Pancha Bhoota Water therapy.

This is not fiction. Many have lost weight between 5 to 10 pounds in a week with water therapy without any change in diet or doing exercise. However, eating a light dinner and doing water therapy in the morning will have dramatic effects. Eat heavy breakfast and lunch, but for dinner drink fruit juices (with soymilk is delicious) or have a light meal. This would help to lose 10 to 40 pounds (depending on the individual). To lose more weight (50 pounds and more) change in dietary habits is recommended.

Read the testimonials to know the effectiveness of water therapy.


Please Click here to read the importance of gut bacteria reducing weight.

Eat fermented rice  and or  fermented barley for more effective results.  If you eat for 10 days this fermented rice or barley  brings wonderful results in weight loss because they introduce healthy bacteria in the gut which modern science says will influence weight of the body.   Click here to read about or  gut bacteria and weight gain or loss of body. Use only brown or red rice by soaking in over night , then cooking and then fermenting. Hulled-Barley rice  is better then pearl barley to reduce weight. 


Dose finding study of Sahaj Vati (comprised of Shilajeet, Haridra, Guggul and Chitrak) in validated animal model of obesity

see more details here.

Will water therapy alone help to lose weight? 
For some individuals, doing water therapy alone will help to lose weight. One can see that clothes become loose. Some people will only lose a little with just water therapy alone. Apart from doing water therapy eating light dinners would help to reduce weight. 

Why are light dinners helpful to lose weight ? 
Eating a heavy breakfast and a heavy lunch but a light dinner is good for weight loss.  The dinner should be light in every sense, easily digestible, low in calories and foods which are whole. Since we sleep after dinner and do no work, the energy from the food is converted into fat and stored in the body.

            Fruits or light vegetable soup are the best option. Don’t immediately replace dinner with fruits. You will feel hungry. Cut first one fourth of your dinner quantity and add one fourth fruits or fruit juices. You can also substitute fiber rich vegetables.

Then after a couple of days decrease dinner load to half and then substitute the rest half with fruits or juices. Then after a couple of days decrease your usual dinner load by three fourth but filling the rest with fruits and juices. In this way you don’t feel hungry but you tame your body. Your body will not know the difference but you will start to lose weight.

Logic in losing weight

         More important is to eat heavy lunch consisting of whole grains. Energy in the form of sugar is released slowly in the blood from whole grains and so will be less hungry for dinner. Eating processed food or refined white grains shoots up sugar in blood rapidly and will pump insulin to remove sugar from blood will cause hunger  at dinner time.  This is the key in weight management.

A not to be missed DVD. Highly Informative.

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Excellent DVD on truth of refined foods. Though it is about diabetes, it gives lot of information about how refined foods increases causes more weight gain in our body.

I don’t still lose weight, what else can I do?
Liver is the organ which balances the metabolism in the body. The fat deposition and everything is controlled by liver. Sometimes if liver is cleansed it will help to lose weight. Hence a castor oil cleanse in recommended once a month or once in two months. This is also good for detoxifying the body. . This will cause weight loss especially tummies go away. See details of this in castor oil cleansing section.
Remember you are not only reducing weight with all these Pancha Bhoota techniques, but also keeping you healthy.

Do I have make changes in diet?
        The nature of the fat, carbohydrate and protein that you eat contribute to weight gain. Eating more fiber rich food will change the speed of absorption of fat and sugars. This influences  insulin secretion in the body and also mode of fat conversion by liver.

         Liver is the manager of the body giving instructions about fat storage in the body. Water therapy cleanses liver every day to some extent and whole foods does the remaining part. So keeping the liver healthy is a way to reduce fat in the body.

        Eating natural sugars instead of white sugar also has great influence on body fat. Avoid white sugar instead use brown sugar, jaggery , palm jaggery, dates, raisins etc. These sweet sources supply nutrients, minerals and vitamins in addition to sweetness.

Journal of Food Science  (2009), published  that Fiber-rich unripe Banana powder contains resistant starch, a type of fiber that may aid in managing weight and type 2 diabetes. “As consumers are unlikely to eat sufficient amounts of vegetables and other fiber-rich foods directly, the supplementation of pasta with unripe banana flour can play an important role in achieving health benefits,”.

Banana flour when added to starchy food like pasta, it lowdered the glycemic index.  Low glycemic responses are thought to be favorable to health because of possible prevention of heart disease and metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes and also for over weight.
Look again how our ancestors were highly intelligent in using banana powder to infants, patients and old people.  Children are weaned with this banana powder. Traditionally unripe special banana called "Nenthrampazham" (called as cooking bananas in USA, Mexico) was cut into pieces and sun dried  and store in a clean bottle. It could be powdered and stored also for convenience.  To prepare, pour one teaspoon of ghee to a pan and add two tablespoons of the powder and just briefly fry for 20 seconds. Add water and stir continuously for 5 minutes to cook without forming lumps. Add sugar or 
 palm jaggery  for taste. This is an instant natural safe healthy traditional baby food.   This is now scientifically proven that  Banana powder is good because of its high anti-oxidant power and also rich in nutrients.

Whole grains and lots of vegetables  - the best solution

            In our personal experience to reduce weight (2007) found that eating every day different whole grains  rich in high fiber  helps tremendously in reducing weight.

We recommend using fiber rich whole grains like brown rice (remember to soak in water and cook), whole rye flakes (33% fiber compared to 20% fiber in oats), whole wheat flakes (28%), barley flakes (26%). Millets like Ragi rich in fiber. In all ancient traditions, people ate different types of grains and millets  many of the readers might be unaware of the names.  These millets give different nourishment that help prevent many diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer etc.  millet, kodo-millet.

          The best part is in eating more leafy vegetables (less vegies like  potato) and fiber rich vegetables and decreasing the rice and wheat part in the diet. Eating different vegetables instead of routine vegetables is the key in reducing weight in a healthy way.

         By eating more vegetables and reducing the amount of grains in diet we found amazing results in reducing weight.

        "Elacchavanukku Ellu , Koluthavanukku Kollu" is a popular Tamil saying which means that, for a slim person black sesame is good and for an obese horse-gram or brown lentil is good. Brown lentil is rich in fiber and before serving one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice should be added. Eating every day horse gram or lentils will cut down the weight of the body without causing exhaustion.

This popular ancient saying is now proved by modern science. Read this article which says Obesity: Lentils Better Than White Bread For Dieting.

      We found through experience that eating everyday more steamed vegetables as such or in form of soups without adding any artificial flavors or soup powders is a good way to burn extra fat. Try using more black pepper than red or green chili powder. Similarly adding less salt especially at the time of taking food reduces the salt intake and water retention in the body.

Still if I don’t lose weight what should I do?
Next Is doing a juice fasting, once a day in a week. Juice fasting once a week ( week end is better). Avoid solid foods and drink only fresh fruit and vegetable juices. This will burn fat in the body and also supply you good nourishments from these juices. If you feel little sick in the evening, its because of detoxification process then drink half a cup of mild coffee. Click here to see details about juice fasting

Walking is the best exercise to reduce calories

From ancient times walking at least 2 hours is suggested as the most effective way to reduce weight.

2. Do every day Pancha Bhoota Walking (Breath conscious walking). Read Fire therapy page and over-weight for for more information.

3. Do Surya Namaskar everyday. When you do it be aware of the breathing and while you do the bending exercises be aware of the body being light and free. This exercise gives tremendous results.

Air therapy: Taking a long breath and relaxes every now and then reduces stress in the body. Doing Pranayama  5 minutes morning and evening is also good. Feel your testicles get good oxygen circulation.

See here for free video links on best Pranayama - Swami Ramdev.

Mind plays a major role in weight and general health of the body. Cravings can be overcome by practicing some mind exercises.

Please read these two links

1. Yogic Eating  

2.Overcome addiction 


A single factor may be a biased view for the cause of a disease.

Several factors contribute to health is the Eternal Truth.

 Click on the links inside the tables for details.


   Uni5   Eternal  and  Universal
 Health Style
Five Levels 1 2 3 4 5
Elements Earth Water Fire Air Space













Internal Body Mind Intelligence Awareness Consciousness
External Food Water Heat Air Space

Whole foods


Juice Therapy

Liver Tonic chutneys


Water Therapy

Castor Oil

Gall Nut

Detoxification- Best

Exercise for lymph circulation for health and immunity like Yoga, walking, Suryanamaskar



Laugh Therapy

Food Proteins Carbohydrates Fats Vitamins Phyto-Nutrients
Food Type Fiber Rich Well chewed food Balanced foods Vegetarian Live fermented foods
Mind- External
Acceptance Yoga


Uni5 Meditation

PB Meditation

Increase SAL Energy
 Mind- Internal Transform Anger to helping nature Cleanse Out meaness with charity Cleanse out Pride with serving attitude Cleanse out Jealousy with compassion
Intelligence     Unbiased outlook - Seek the Unchanging Truth Embracing all beliefs - understand the results of action done under personal beliefs Forgiveness - Forgive and Forget to Give and Get
Awareness       Eco-friendliness - We are all connected in and out. So polluting nature is inturn polluting ourself Conservation of Energy - Avoid wastage of all forms of Energy, because inturn it is our own SAL Energy
Consciousness         Unconditional Love - The only Reality of this Universe


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Maruppathu udal noi marundhu enalakum (A medicine is one that give physiological effects)
Maruppathu ula noi marundhu enalakum (A medicine is one that give psychological effects)
Maruppathu ini noi varathiruppa ( A medicine is one that ensures prevention of diseases)
Maruppathu savai marundhu enalakum. (A medicine is one that ultimately grants Immortality)
-  Thirumoolar in Thirumanthiram (800 BC)



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