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Sakthi Dinner

           Dinner should be light. The important thing to remember is to try and eat a heavy lunch. Only then is a light dinner possible. If you don’t eat a heavy lunch you will be hungry and tend to eat a heavy dinner.  Our personal experience shows that eating whole grain for lunch reduces the need for heavy dinner. Light dinner helps to reduce weight and also promotes better health. Digestion is poor towards the end of the day and so eating a light dinner is healthy. 

Here are a few recipes.

1. Soups with or without grain Make vegetable soups  without any grains or fat. But if really needed then a small amount of cooked grain like whole rice, cracked wheat, quinoa, buckwheat, barley etc. can be added to the soup.

2. Steamed vegetables: Just steam small amounts of different vegetables and add salt and/or crushed black pepper and eat. This is filling and light food. Those who need to reduce weight should eat more of steamed vegetables. For dinner avoid starchy vegetables like potato, tapioca, etc.

3. Fruit mix:  Different varieties of fruits can be eaten for dinner. If needed, fresh fruit juices or smoothies can also be dinner. 

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