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The information given in the web page and in the emails that we send should not be considered medical advice. It provides general health educational information to encourage better health practices. Your individual situation may not fit the generalizations discussed. You are encouraged to consult a MD or licensed health professional to evaluate your individual situation and give you advice.

Sakthi Foundation does not diagnose any disease. Based on the information you provide we give you healing suggestions. The intent of this organization is to help you. In the event you use any of the information provided here in this web site for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Sakthi foundation or its members assume no responsibility for your actions.

The staff of Sakthi Foundation are not medical doctors and do not diagnose, prescribe for or treat any disease, nor do they dispense medical advice. Our mission is to provide information which the individual may apply according to his own free choice and heal their illness . Whatever suggestions and suggestions and recommendations are meant to help you to heal your illness by yourself. We do not in any way responsible for any consequences. Herbs and herbal formulas are classed as foods; any mentions of them and their uses are intended solely as nutritional support.

All that we recommend to the public though our any audio visual or printed or published information format in the web site or through our emails, or mails are not tested or verified by FDA or subjected to any scientific study. Therefore it is the sole responsibility of the users and the discretion of the users.

The medical information provided in this site is to be used as a means of increasing individual knowledge and awareness of medical issues and health concerns. This site is not intended in any way to replace sound medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment by a licensed physician. Furthermore, Sakthi Foundation advises individuals to seek medical consultation before making any decisions involving and affecting their personal health care. Information presented on this site is not to be used or interrupted as a course of treatment for any ailment or disease process. Sakthi Foundation is not liable for any medical incidences, medical outcomes or damages during the time frame in which an individual accessed. While due diligence is performed for validity, accuracy and timeliness of information presented, Sakthi Foundation does not endorse or have a fiduciary relationship with any medical source cited or presented in this web site.

The user of this web site accepts that the content accessible within the web site is the proprietary information of Sakthi Foundation. Sakthi Foundation retains all title, right, and interest in the content, and the user will not reproduce, publish, or distribute such content with out the expressed written consent of the company.

Sakthi Foundation, its service providers, will not be liable for any damages (either direct or indirect) which arise out of use of this web site.

Any of the comments, opinions, or advice expressed by third parties or any other user in the discussion or chat rooms on this site are those of the respective author and not of Sakthi Foundation. 

Sakthi Foundation INC has full rights to all to all the written materials submitted by all users in the forum or any where in the site, to publish or print or reproduce in format.




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