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Mental Agitations & Eating

     Eating with less mental agitations creates awareness of the present. According to Ayurveda, the kind of food that you eat has an effect on your mental agitations. So the food that you eat is very important to avoid conflicts of the mind and the intellect. When we eat unhealthy food, immediately there is a conflict in the mind and intellect. The mind wants to eat junk food and the intellect immediately cautions about the unhealthiness. The mind ignores the warnings and tries to justify its acts. "I eat unhealthy food only once in a while." "So many people eat this kind of food and all of them are not sick!"  "There is no scientific proof to show this is bad for health!" Does any of this sound familiar? These are traps that the mind sets in order for us to justify eating food based on its likes and dislikes.

      According to Ayurveda, there are three modes in nature -the thinking mode (Satva), action mode (Rajas) and inertia or laziness or convenience (Tamas).  The three modes are called Trigunas, the three properties of nature. Satvic food is healing because it is based on creating awareness. It is interesting to note that food that we eat contributes to the peace or agitations in our mind. It alsohas an effect on our personality.

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