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Dietary Stress

        Modern farming practices increase the quantity of food production while compromising the quality.  With the use of chemical fertilizers, we are now able to harvest more food but with  less nutrition in it. Studies show the modern potato has lost 100% of Vitamin A and 57% of Vitamin C compared to its sister in 1950. There are many research studies showing less vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in different foods.  There are several studies showing that organically grown foods have higher nutrient content than non-organically grown food. For example, lycopene-a very powerful anti-oxidant-is more concentrated in organic tomato than the non-organic variety. It is interesting to understand that organic tomato produces more lycopene in order to fight the pests which attack the tomato plant, than the non-organic tomato, which does not encounter any pests as it is treated with chemicals. When treated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, plants grow in a stressful condition and that stress is then passed on to us, when we eat them.

We do not consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Freshness does not mean,  for example, apples being coated with wax to prevent dryness. The practice of picking fruits and vegetables before they are ripe and the use of ripening gas devoid them of many nutrients. Lack of vital nutrients caused by this process increases stress. We need the phyto-nutrients so our body can cope with other stress factors that introduce oxidizing chemicals in our body.

Treating Food

Due to our fast life, we do not have time to cook food. We end up either eating in a restaurant, where the emphasis is on economics and not on your health. While preparing food on a large scale the workers prepare food with no love and joy and care only for your praise that food is tasty. Therefore they try their maximum to prepare tasty food compromising health.

        Many are so busy that they eat pre-cooked food. At lunch time they eat fat-free foods, highly refined, refrigerated in a plastic container, bombarded with the rays of a microwave. Microwave is an easy, fast means not only to cook food but also to deplete nutrients. Click here  to read about the effect of microwaving on  nutrients in your food.

        In between meals, the  mouth remains active with lot of chocolates, cookies and roasted, fried and burned materials in the name of snacks. The evening meal is  a heavy dinner with, once again, highly refined products. 

Processed foods

           Not only do foods grown with pesticides cause stress; processed foods devoid of nutrients will cause stress too. Even organically grown food, if processed, is not good for health. Just because it has a label promoting it as 'organic' or 'natural'  does not mean it is healthy. This is how food companies fool the public. Just by adding some ingredients that are natural they sell highly processed foods. Processed foods that are highly refined, whether they are refined oils or refined grains, will cause stress to the body.

The wheat flours used in cakes, biscuits and bakery confectionary items are all chlorinated to oxidise the starches for softness and fluffiness. These oxidated products logically will cause health problems.

           What is the relationship between eating refined products and stress?

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