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Addictive Habits

Stress of the Mind Leads to the Formation of Habits          

         Hopefully you are getting some idea of what happens when something triggers an emotional outburst in you. The anger, hatred, jealousy, lust, greed etc. trigger these highly charged, emotional  responses in you without you being aware of the fact that you are killing yourself. This is why  people who are continuously stressed look old before their time. But things are even worse than this for people who suffer from chronic stress. Consider the unnecessary aging involved in the process if the pituitary, the adrenals, the pancreas and the liver pump out chemicals continuously to control blood sugar that we don’t need. In short, the process wears us and our bodies out.

        This is where most people turn to stimulants to help them regain energy and control. Typically, these will include some form of sugars, tea, coffee, cola drinks, chocolate,  cigarettes, horror films, 'retail' therapy and such extreme activities as free-fall parachuting and bungee jumping. Those who are not fussy about keeping within the law may seek their buzz from amphetamines, crack, cocaine, or crime. The use of stimulants to regain energy tends to lead to a demand for relaxants, such as alcohol, sleeping pills, tranquillizers and cannabis.

         It will not surprise you to learn that no-one can live like this for long without experiencing burn-out. This is why holidays are so popular. But packing and traveling can be extremely stressful too. Moreover, the typical holidaymaker will choose to read a steamy or gripping paperback novel while waiting for the plane or while lying on the beach. Stress is never far away.

       If the holidaymaker is truly addicted to stress, he or she will soon crave some excitement. Lying on the beach is not enough to provide the buzz that is needed. Water skiing or wind surfing may meet the need.

      If you have ever found that you become ill or feel completely exhausted whenever you take time off from work, it is likely that you are already addicted to stress.

How to relieve mental stress?

We will discuss more later. Next we have to understand about how our  lifestyle and food habits lead to stress in the body.

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