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Stress: The Cause

        Stress is the term now used more in the medical field as the cause for all diseases. Modern science has not yet reached the penultimate destination of Ayurveda, which says all diseases originate in the mind. Stress occurs in us in two ways. One comes internally, through the mind and the second through chemical  poisons or toxins that invade our body as a result of our lifestyle. It is interesting to note that even the chemicals we use are a result of incorrect thoughts in our mind.

     Thoughts in our mind dictate everything from physical health to general happiness. In daily life, while encountering  different situations, when we fail to handle our emotions, we end up releasing chemicals in our body that can cause great damage resulting in various diseases.  This is highly damaging and, mostly, a silent killer as we pay least attention to it. Most people take medical treatment for cancer, arthritis, diabetes and many other diseases without understanding that it was stress that released damaging chemicals in their body which is the primary cause of their physical illness. We have to really understand stress as the primary cause for  disease.

Stress is the Cause for all Disease

                The fact that stress is the cause for all diseases is not a modern concept; it was conceived thousands of years ago by proponents of Ayurveda. This is why in Ayurveda the mind and body is always taken into account together while treating diseases.

         As a preventive measure, health secrets were ingrained in Indian culture into the daily lifestyle in the form of yoga, meditation and spiritual practice. The spiritual practices deeply intertwined in Indian culture gave the double benefit of attaining the highest state of man - by evolving from animal tendencies to human and also attaining good physical and mental health.

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The below is from Science News (July 21st 2009)

In a  new report  in Perspectives on Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, psychologist Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser from the Ohio State University College of Medicine reviews research investigating how stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and provides some suggestions to further our understanding of this connection.

Dwelling on Stressful Events Can Increase Inflammation in the Body, Study Finds

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