Empowering Girls of India 

The Dolores Viglas Children’s Fund

  Creating the Basis for a Bright Future for India’s Underprivileged Girls

Fact: There is a wide gender disparity in the literacy rate in India: 82.14% for men and 65.46% for women in 2011.

Fact: Due to stereotyping of male and female roles, families are more likely to educate boys before girls-especially in rural areas. Girls are not considered earning members of the family since they leave home after marriage.

Fact: When a girl is not educated the entire family suffers. Infant mortality is higher for babies born to uneducated mothers. Education for her children is not a priority when the mother herself is illiterate.

Fact: Illiterate women face more hardships in life. They are less likely to use or understand family planning. They are more likely to suffer from malnutrition, health problems and early death.

Fact: Illiterate women are not aware of their rights. They know nothing about initiatives taken by the government for their welfare. They are powerless to transform their lives. They are more likely to suffer domestic violence and abuse then their educated sisters.

 The Dolores Viglas Children’s Fund supports girls enrolled in the Sakthi Foundation schools in rural South India. Your tax deductible donation will open the door for a young girl to have a meaningful Montessori based education. It will also provide the funds to educate rural women in Montessori training to create qualified teachers for the schools.

 Ways to donate:

Sponsor a young girl for a year of school and educational materials. The cost for a year’s tuition and supplies is ______.  Participants who contribute a full year’s support will receive a profile and photo of their sponsored child.

Make a contribution towards the maintenance of the school, purchase of school equipment and training of teachers.

Click here to make your tax deductible contribution

Dolores Viglas was a homemaker and mother of three daughters. In her memory and as a way of honoring her love of girls and belief in their great potential, this fund has been created to support the forgotten and underprivileged girls of India. To brighten their way and inspire hope for a better tomorrow, we take on this mission! 




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