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Earth Therapy

       The second step and element of Pancha Bhoota is the Earth Element or the food aspect. The most important constituent of our body (73%) is water and rest is  solid matter or the Earth element. In this second step we will discuss the purification of the mind and body using the earth or food element.

 "Thou shalt not abuse Food!" (Annam na nindhyAth)

"Thou shalt not discard Food!" (Annam na pari-chaksheeta)

"Thou shalt grow Food in abundance!" (Annam bahu kurveeta)
                                                        Taittiriya Upanishad: "Brghuvalli

Food Abuse: The Primary Cause of all Disease

    A knife can be used either to kill a man or to cut fruits and feed the same man. Similarly, abuse of food can cause disease and non abuse can prevent disease. We grow food in amounts more than we need so we indulge in overeating thereby depleting  the Earth of its energy resources.

    Most of the diseases known to man are directly or indirectly caused by the food he eats. Health and disease are equally affected by food. Food taken in balanced amounts influences the health of the body. There is no good and bad food; all depends on the quantity and quality eaten at a given time. Food eaten moderately and nutritiously is healthy. Unbalanced and un-natural foods only cause diseases. Thus, you can eat to live a healthy life or to die unhealthy. You can thus use the sword to protect you or point against you. THERE LIES YOUR CHOICE!

        The human body is a bag of chemicals where millions of chemical reactions run the "great show". The nature of the reactions and the outcome is dependant on the materials that flow into the human bag. Thus food decides the functioning of the human body.

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