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Natural Foods

      There is confusion among people today regarding natural and healthy foods. We are unable to identify and eat healthy foods. This is because of our strong likes and dislikes. This ignorance among people has been very well exploited by the food companies. Adding a drop of some fruit or vegetable extract to unhealthy foods enables the food companies to fool the public.

       To give an example, we found our friend often complaining about his children suffering from severe constipation. When we visited them, we found his children ate a lot of candy labeled "Fruit Concentrates". He thought these were healthy because they contained fruit. It is sad that our friend, and many others like him, do not understand  that the fruit concentrates mentioned on the label are chemical flavors which imitate the taste of fruits and not real fruits. This is how the public gets fooled by words and labels like "Natural", "Fresh", "Healthy" etc.

       We also found the candy contained a lot of corn starch and corn syrup which has no fiber and causes poor bowel movement when eaten with other refined foods, resulting in constipation.

Natural Foods are Unrefined Foods

      The word "unrefined" can help us check whether a food is natural or not. We have shown how, in the health section, when we eat refined foods we introduce stress to our body. Any time you have doubts about good food, ask yourself the question whether the food has been refined in any form. The juices obtained in the market are refined because the fiber has been removed and also additives in the form of vitamins or supplements have been added. The food ceases to be natural the moment an ingredient is added or altered.  

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