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Food adulterations with toxic chemicals

Food adulterations with toxic chemicals can take a heavy toll on your health and ferility and future health of children etc. Many processed foods are prepared with food flavors and synthetic colors or natural colors. In name of the word "Natural" the public is fooled by commercial companies.

 Nano-particles - invisible toxins in our food and cosmetics


see this news

Indian black pepper adultered with mineral oil

also FDA in uSA approved mineral paraffin oil in foods

Also Europe has approved it , and says in above concentration can cause liver spleen damage

Tansformer oil adulteration in ireland in 2008

chicken cooked in mineral oil

This is an amazing list from Government (Delhi) about list of adulterants in foods and detection methods

Another list

Bangalore testing

Mineral oil in olive oil


see mineral oil in food in coimbatore street foods found.


coconut oil with liquid paraffin- Hindu paper report

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