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Healing With Diet

The importance of diet in healing
         When our healing energy plays its role in restoring the balance, essential elements are required for it to do so. The healing energy helps the body to use the deficient elements it needs and give away ones that are surplus. This can be defined as an unbalance of elements. Healing is the restoration of balance and is weakly understood as the repair system of the body in the medical field. "Homeostasis” is the scientific term used commonly. Thus, "loss of homeostasis" is disease and "restoration of homeostasis" is healing.

The difference between healing and using medication
        Drugs or medication aid in this healing process, no doubt, but they do not always restore balance or homeostasis. When external chemicals restore the balance in one part of the body, they mostly create imbalances in other parts of the body, which are called "side effects" of the drug or medication used. However, healing energy restores correct balance as a whole (holistic). The end result is a holistic restoration of balance.

Diet and Healing
       We need to eat all  kinds of fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables. Only recently has modern medical science identified important chemical constituents in food. Our body is the best doctor to judge what it needs. So, the wise way is to supply the body with all different foods and give the choice to the body. The body gets the option of choosing from whatever is given. It takes the needed nutrients and leaves the rest. Just like in the shopping mall. Different items are displayed and the customers get the choice of picking what they need. There, the most healthy practice is to eat all different kinds of food in the natural way and give the body the choice to heal.

Diet Regimen
        All foods are good for general health; however, some foods are specifically good for specific disease. We will help you to eat specific foods based on your individual nature. Write to us and then we will work out for you the most suitable diet regimen.

Nutrient Rich Food
       We need to eat food that is rich in nutrients and in balance. The nutrients in a particular food should be natural and not a variant or mutated in a particular quality. Our mind or intellect may wish a particular quality in a food, but it may not be desirable for the body. Any grain or fruit or vegetable should have all qualities of the five elements of nature and not imbalanced or mutated (changed) or transformed. These changed foods also cause an imbalance in our body as well as the mind. Genetically Damaged foods (GDF), Genetically modified food (GMO), Genetically Poisoned Food (GPF) are therefore good at business levels but not practically good for health. Heirloom grains, fruits and vegetables have a natural balance and not grown for a business purpose but for health.



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