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Lack of Love

Do we Love our Body?
             Once we start to love the body as one loves the self we will have no illness. We deceive ourselves. We get divided. The as the mind and the as the body. This split is the cause of disease. This split hinders healing. Healing is the process to bridge the gap in this split - to unite the body and the mind. We eat unhealthy food. That is due to the split in our spirit. The mind feels happy but not the body. The body growls in pain but the mind enjoys the taste. Here is the split.

         How does this split happen?. What is good is that which is good for both. SPIRIT IS THAT SENSE IN WHICH THE BODY AND THE MIND ARE THE SAME. THERE  IS NO SPLIT. THIS SENSE OF ONENESS IS SPIRITUALITY. When the dual nature of the mind and body are present, separately, there is disease. Both the mind and the body are not at ease. The sense of oneness is absent. If this gap is not taken care of then either the mind or the body divorces the other. Both then start to function as if they are independent of each other.

         Healing is the reunion of the mind and body and the restoration of spirit. When one lacks the union of the mind and the body one lacks spirit. This leads to depression and all the problems and physical symptoms of the illness of the psyche. This split between mind and body leads to the loss of homeostasis which is involved in maintaining the balance of the body. Imagine a family where the mother and father are fighting; imagine the state of the children! We are not talking here about split personality. Here, we mean to talk about the interconnectedness between our body and mind. 

Loving a Car
       If one loves a car, it is not just the love of the exterior alone. One takes care of the interior of the car as well. One will not adulterate or put any impurity in the oil because one knows that would cause serious trouble in the functioning of the car. We take care that there should be no dust in the gasoline, otherwise the carburetor will be blocked and the car will not start. We should have the same attitude in the case of the food we intake. We should take care not to put any junk into our system. All the harmful things we eat block various processes in the body. And give rise to Disease.

       We should maintain our body as we maintain our car. Therefore, regular cleaning of the body should be done like we take our car to the garage for regular servicing. 

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