Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins and Mineral Supplements 
       It is common belief that taking vitamins and mineral pills will keep one healthy. Now evidence is slowly accumulating that fruits and vegetables, nature's pills, can not be substituted by any other form. Nature's pills are packed with different nutrients in right proportions, the natural recommended dose for a healthy body. No natural food is too good or too bad. Each food has its own importance in what they supply to our bodies. The only danger lies in eating only a few natural food items repeatedly.

       More and more research is showing harmful side effects resulting from the use of health food supplements. Dosages are causing more damage than benefit. Even Vitamin E which is considered the super-vitamin anti-oxidant was recently shown in many scientific studies to cause severe side effects. Health specialists argue about correct doses, but that argument comes crashing down when we observe scientific flaws in determining the dosage based on starved animals.

      In 1960, based on scientific research, the NIH recommended smokers to use vitamin A supplements to prevent  the harmful effects of tobacco causing cancer. In late 1990's the NIH conducted a study to determine what percentage of smokers were able to prevent cancer by using Vitamin A supplements. They were shocked by what they found. The cancer incidence in smokers were significantly higher in those who took vitamin A supplements than in smokers who did not take the supplements!

       The above incidence is still unexplained; how Vitamin A supplements worked to cause cancer in the study with smokers is still a mystery.

The message we convey to you is not to depend on fragmented and isolated scientific research which may show how something good in theory turns out to be bad for health in the course of time. But we have to carry the burden of that error by damaging our bodies and genes and putting our future generations at risk.


    We recommend to you to consume whole foods that are unrefined, instead of taking toxic supplements. The vitamin and supplement industry is a billion dollar profiting concern. People are being influenced by them to prescribe to  these supplements as  getting vitamins and nutrients from food is impossible, or that is what they profess, anyway. These are myths and marketing strategies.

What a joke!

     We refine foods and deplete nutrients and then consume doses of vitamins in the form of pills. What a joke! Man alone has the power to be able to use his intellect; instead man, alone, has managed to create foods that cause disease! The emotional mind, not the intellect, has reigned supreme here. Taste and convenience have won over health.

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