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December 2014

Kids: Fast-Food Linked to Lower Test Score Gains

Simple Patterns in a Complex World

November 2014

Babies Remember Nothing but a Good Time: Study

Young and Old, Learning Languages Is a Workout

Bilingual Brains Process Information Better?

October 2014

More Exercise Improves School Performance?

Kids' Oral Skills Can Predict Future Difficulties

Language Acquisition Starts as Early as 4 Months

September 2014

Yoga, Meditation: Mind-Controlled Computers?

Boys: Physical Activity Tied to Better Academics

Learning Words: First and Last Sounds Count Most

Benefits for Babies Exposed to Two Languages

August  2014

Parents, Listen Next Time Your Baby Babbles (we often tell parents that even a baby at embryo state  is aware of what is happening around and just because they cannot express it out using a language, we cannot say they are not understanding anything).

Toddlers: Intuitive Understanding of Probability


How Children's Brains Memorize Math Facts (We have seen that the pregnancy awareness state and the mantra sounds has an influence on the development of brain, more than nutrition-see our pregnancy section")

June  2014

Learning by Repetition Impairs Recall of Details

Starting School Day Too Early Cuts Learning

Synchronized Brain Waves Enable Rapid Learning

Why Sleep After Learning Enhances Memory

Brain Signals Link Fitness to Language Skills

 Infants Visually Identify Objects That Stand Out

May 2014

Preschool Teacher Depression: Kids' Behavior

Better Air, Better IQ, Better Future Earnings

Mathematicians Find Algebraic 'Gold'

Babies Recognize Real-Life Objects from Pics

Girls Better Than Boys in All School Subjects?

Taking a Walk May Lead to More Creativity

March 2014

Preschoolers Can Do Algebra Naturally


Infants Using Known Verbs to Learn New Nouns

February 2014

Psychologist Shows Why Talking to Kids Really Matters

Sticks and Stones: Using Curriculum to Stop Bullying

Shy Kids Not Delayed or Deficient in Language, They Just Speak Less

January 2014


Parenting Plays Key Role When African-American Boys Move from Preschool to Kindergarten 

Kids grasp large numbers remarkably young

Brain Structure Shows Affinity With Numbers



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