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Research Education News - 2013

(uni5 comments will be given in green)

December 2013

Spanking Children Slows Cognitive Development and Increases Risk of Criminal Behavior, Expert Says

Frequent Cell Phone Use Linked to Anxiety, Lower Grade, Reduced Happiness in Students

High Quality Preschool Narrows Gap Between High-Risk Kids, Higher Achievers, Study Finds

College Students More Likely to Be Lawbreakers If Spanked as Children

Exposure to Television Can Stall Preschoolers' Cognitive Development

November 2013

Early Childhood Educators Hold Key to Children's Communication Skills

Speaking a Second Language May Delay Different Dementias

October 2013

What a Difference a Grade Makes: First Graders With Attention Problem Lag for Years Afterward, Second Graders, Less So

Moderate to Vigorous Exercise Boosts Teens' Academic Performance

Baby's Innate Number Sense Predicts Future Math Skill

Spatial, Written Language Skills Predict Math Competence  (Uni5: In Uni5 Sakthi schools, the spatial skills are the major foucs) 

Roadmap for Implementing Quality Preschool

New Analysis of US Elementary School Mathematics Finds Half-Century of Problematic 'Strands' Structure (Uni5: Not only this dis-connectes studying is a problem in usa mathematics, but also in learning other subjets as well).

'Brain Training' May Boost Working Memory, but Not Intelligence (Uni5: Hence in our uni5 sakthi schools, we use the connecting pattern of education to increase both intelligence and memory)

Well-Connected Hemispheres of Einstein's Brain May Have Sparked His Brilliance

September 2013

Playing With Blocks May Help Children's Spatial, Math Thinking (Uni5: we recommend this in our uni5 schools)

Responsive Interactions Key to Toddlers' Ability to Learn Language (Uni5: we recommend in parenting section to talk a lot to children with questions and answers like the upanishads method)

Read With Your Children, Not to Them

Aerobic Fitness Boosts Learning, Memory in 9-10-Year-Old Children

Think Twice, Speak Once: Bilinguals Process Both Languages Simultaneously

August 2013

Neuroscientists Find a Key to Reducing Forgetting: It's About the Network (Uni5: This is why in Uni5 mode of education we help children to remember better by networking all information with the finger fingers of the hand).

Music Lessons Enhance the Quality of School Life  (Uni5: We give the uni5 music pattern in our schools and also tell even music should be introduced in pregnancy stage itself).

Good Eating and Sleep Habits Help Kids Succeed in School

July 2013

Give Them a Hand: Gesturing Children Perform Well on Cognitive Tasks

Smallest Puzzle in the World

Math Game More Effective Than Paper Exercises

June 2013

Teaching Complete Evolutionary Stories Increases Learning

April 2013

Schools Should Provide Students With Daily Physical Activity, Experts Say 

April 2013

 Meditating Before Lecture Leads to Better Grades

Teachers' Gestures Boost Math Learning

Everything You Know About Osmosis Is (Probably) Wrong

March 2013

Telling Tales Can Be a Good Thing: Personal Stories Help Children Develop Emotional Skills

Prekindergarten Program Boosts Children's Skills

International Gender Difference in Math and Reading Scores Persists Regardless of Gender Equality


Feb 2013

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Aerobics: Evaluating the New 'R' in Academic Performance

Language Learning Begins in Utero, Study Finds; Newborn Memories of Oohs and Ahs Heard in the Womb

Children's Complex Thinking Skills Begin Before Going to School

Basic Math Skills Linked to PSAT Math Success

Bilingual Babies Know Their Grammar by 7 Months

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