Dec 2016

Internet use in class tied to lower test scores

Helping Children Achieve More in School

Babies' First Words Can Be Predicted Based on Visual Attention

Gesturing can boost children's creative thinking

Sedentary Lifestyle May Impair Academic Performance in Boys

Parents Should Avoid Pressuring Young Children Over Grades (in our Uni5 schools for past 10 years we inculcate this culture)

Mothers' Early Support Boosts Children's Later Math Achievement

Nov 2016

Gestational age may impact academic performance

Oct 2016

The Mathematics of Music History

Metaphors Bias Perceptions of Scientific Discovery

 The Importance of Loving Care Within Children's Institutions

Preschoolers' Motor Skill Development Connected to School Readiness

Preschoolers Correct Speaking Mistakes Even When Talking to Themselves

Monkeys Are Seen Making Stone Flakes So Humans Are 'Not Unique' After All

 Pre-university skills course boosts students' A-level success

More time on digital devices means kids less likely to finish homework

Aug 2016

Kindergarteners' mathematics success hinges on preschool skills

July 2016

Physical Activity Boosts Kids' Brain Power, Academic Prowess

June 2016

‘Get Children Playing Outdoors’ to Improve Academic Success and Reduce Obesity

Making computers reason and learn by analogy (In traditional Inidan education and now in Uni5 we follow analgies, riddles and proverbs for efficent learning...see

Bilingual Babies Learn Languages Faster Than Monolingual Babies

Preschool academic skills improve only when instruction is good to excellent

May 2016

'It's rude to point,' right? Not always

Music Improves Baby Brain Responses to Speech

Brain Pattern Predicts How Fast an Adult Learns a New Language  (Learning in Uni5 pattern creates a particular brain pattern, which will make all learning easy. Half of this concept is proven with new modern research.

April 2016

Despite their small brains, ravens and crows may be just as clever as chimps, research suggests

Attending US charter schools may lead to higher earnings in the future

Exercise counteracts sitting time

March 2016

How Child Prodigies Teach Us About Autism

Feb 2016

Preschoolers need more outdoor time at child care centers

Hold On! The Ability to Hold a Grip Predicts Who Has the Willpower Finish Their Schoolwork

Jan 2016

Language juggling rewires bilingual brain in a good way

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