Ego and Fear

      Ego keeps the mind under its control by generating fear. The Ego aspect in us employs the power of fear to keep the mind going towards the intellect and awareness. Ego loses its power if we are in the realm of intellect and awareness state.

How does one get rid of fear?.
         Fear is born out of ignorance about the nature of our true Self. Understand that freedom is your true nature and be free from fear. Freedom is the spirit of nature. Freedom is expressed everywhere in this universe. We want freedom in every sense and moment. We want to be free from troubles, sorrow, free from poverty, from disease and all other limitations. Freedom is the very nature of us. Happiness that we experience is actually the freedom of limitations that we experience. In peak moments of happiness we forget about the limitations of ourselves, the body, the time and the place. That is total freedom. At that moment we are with our true Self.

         Happiness is that unlimited freedom that we enjoy which is neither bound by time nor bound by space. This is the base for positive feeling. Fear is the negative aspect of freedom. Fear is the feeling of limitation and so a sign of weakness. To have a positive attitude one should be free from fear.     

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