Ego - the reflection

      The dreaming state (Mind) is like the second state of the river, the subtle body of the river. There it becomes apparent, and it becomes apparent also in the wakeful state (body). You know, your wakeful state is like the state of the river when it is upon the plains, the gross body of the river. There the Sun shines clearly; it was shining clearly upon the glaciers, but it reflects its image only in the stream; in the muddy river is the image of the Sun seen; so in your wakeful state, the image of the Sun is also seen.

       This egoism—I do this, I do this, I am this, I am that, all this egoism—this selfish apparent self makes its appearance in the wakeful state also. But you see there is a difference in the ego of your dreamland and the ego of your wakeful state. In your dreamland the ego which has been to you as the reflection or shadow of the true Atman or God, is fickle, changeable, vague, unsettled, hazy; exactly as the reflection of the Sun in the stream when it is upon the mountains is vague, meandering, changeable; and in your wakeful state this ego is definite, permanent, as in slow stream, slow river, when it is flowing upon the plains.

Claims of the Ego

         The irony  is the reflection of the Sun take claims that it is the real Sun, and it was who that melted the glaciers and formed the streaming  mountains and now it is the one that is floating on this river. "I" "I" "Mine" is the way this Ego reflection uses the maximum. One's you realize your true Self, then you understand what a fool this Ego was, claiming all work to itself. The biggest foolishness was to think that it was floating on the river and it was part of the river. In reality it was not the river, its reflection just fell on the river. The Ego is mere a reflection and has no substance in reality.

        But this reflection does not want to away. The Ego does not like to think that it is a reflection. it tries all means to protects its false identity. To achieve this it makes all the concepts and tries to prove its reality. This is what we see in this world that is happening. It tries to establish its power in every means and moments of life.

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