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Use of Technology

In rendering our help to the community, we are using technology to the best possible we could use.

1. Through phone we have been offering Classess to several under privilged children who do not have internet facility.

Mrs.Balambika's Spoken English class has helped several poor children, house wives and working women and men to become proficient in English as a foreign language. 

Since 2009, she has spoken over several 1000's of hours over phone.

Pradheep Chhalliyil (Since 2006) also have been giving Science inspiration classes, health tips, counselling sessions to children and adults over phone. He has also spken over several thousands of hours.

Recently some of the talks has been recorded and put in the uni5.org web site.

Dr.Madeswaran's (since 2010) has given over 1000 hours through phone, music lessons, cultural lessons to several children, adults and senior citizens.

2. Skype: We will be starting the skype mediated classes to children and Adults in 2013 after we get sufficient funds for getting computers.

    We plan to give over skype health tips, education classes (All subjects including Science, maths, arts for all school and college students ), cultural classes to children, adults and senior citizens.

3. Media:  We are also planning to develop cartoonic videos for children to efficiently learn education and cultural concepts.


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