The Kaali Exercise

For dry cough , this exercise brings immediate good relief. Also good for throat pain and tonsilitis. It is a simple exercise.
              Simple hang out your tongue as much possible. Then pull it inside. After couple oftongue-4seconds again protrude the tongue as much as possible out. Then after couple of seconds pull it inside. Then again after couple of seconds protrude the tongue as much as possible outside. Repeat this for 10 minutes. Then after 20 minutes or one hour do thistongue-3again.
   Doing this several times a day brings very good relief for any throat related problems.

Small red-onion or shaalot-pearl onion: Crushing one pearly onion or shallot (Small red-onion) in your mouth after food and liquids will remove throat infection. If you cant handle the spice then our one spoon of honey or palm sugar in mouth and then crush the onion. 

Oil Gargling: Doing an oil gargling after doing this exercise gives even better results. Use organic sesame oil or coconut oil. Pour one tablespoon of oil in the mouth and then look up and slowly raise the tonguegargleso that the oil goes down the throat and coats the throat region. allow it in that position for couple of minutes regain normal position. Then repeat this again.


 Take care not to choke yourself with oil.  Kaali exercise along with oil gargling done on the onset of throat infections, completely cures it without the need of anti-biotics. For those who get constant throat infections and do not want to use harmful anti-biotics this is a excellent remedy. This is simple Pancha Bhoota approach for best results.
           We have got feed back from those suffering from constant tonsilitis , throat infection, hoarseness of voice or loss of voice or constant phlegm in their throat get excellent results. 

           For thyroid problems, where there is poor secretion of thyroid hormones (hypothyroid) this kalli exercise helps to improves hormone levels.

In those with worse situation can also doSurya Namaskarin the morning apart from doing Kaali exercise frequently in the rest of the day. Using small amounts of Licorice while doing water therapy adds up the benefits of throat problems.

How does this work?

      Kaali exercise brings good blood circulation and Lymphatic Circulationto the throat region. Tonsils, an important lymphoid organ is situated there. This tonsils act to filter micro-organisms and prevents infections. Surgery is performed to remove tonsilits thinking that is an unwanted organ. There is no organ without any purpose in the body. Modern scientist think that they are not needed and operate and remove them. But slowly research is showing that they have a purpose in the body.
    Kaali exercise helps in the functioning of this tonsils. Bringing more blood and lymphatic circulation it helps to remove toxins from the region and relieves problems there. It is like giving massage to the throat region. Kaali exercise massages the organs there and removes in detoxification.

This is a simple exercise that even children can do and avoid doctor visits for throat infections.

Australian aboriginals consider protruding tongue is a symbol of showing Energy. In Vedic culture , goddess Kaali the representation of "united" Energy is depcited in this form of protruding the tongue.

May be that is why we feel "Energized" doing this exercise in depressed and weak conditions.


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