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  How Fire Therapy Works?

Sun the cause of all activities on Earth

         All the credit goes to sun-light, without which none of these action would take place. But the beauty is that sun is not concerned of these activities. It just shines light thousands of miles away and here on earth these activities automatically is driven in the presence of its light. We have to keep this in mind when we discuss later topics.

Oxygen is re-cycled between plants and human body (other beings also)

The sun’s energy is trapped with an electron that is pulled out of water. This energized electron then combines with carbon-dioxide to form glucose (food). In this process, the oxygen of the water molecule is released of oxygen.
         The sun’s energy that plants trapped in the form of food is released when our body reactions pull out the Electron. This electron is then accepted by the oxygen and forms water. The food is converted back to carbon-dioxide

At this junction it is very good to understand how plants and us are interconnected through Sun as shown in the figure below.

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