Five Grades (Levels) of Education

Every child has its own pace of learning. However, when this truth is overlooked by parents, the anxiety transforms into pressure on the child and teachers, worsening the problem more.

To buffer this, in Uni5 model we will not have grades based on annual-age, but group age. This means there will be only five levels .

A child if goes by the Uni5 format will be able to finish college studies by age of 18.

Uni5 School grades (levels)

Five education years1, Primary Level -  infants from age group from 1 - 4 years. 

2. Elementary - age group from 5, 6, 7,8.

3. Middle school - age group from 9,10, 11

4. High School - age group from 12, 13, 14

5A. College - Bachelors - age group from 15,16,

5B - College -Masters - age group from 17,18.

Advantage of Mixed age groups:  As children have their own pace to learn, expecting them to learn them within a year the recommended cirriculum gives a big stress to students and teachers and anxiety to the parents.

However with this Uni5 system, they get some buffering time and also get help from the peers to learn quicker. In this system, we make sure that children learn the core concepts and fundamentals very strong. Rushing to higher grade level in the early years of education severely damages the ability to grasp the fundamentals deeply.

Slow learning fundamentals better rushing through grade levels in long run:

Many parents think learning to read and write and to recongize the names and forms reflects the intelligence of children. This develops only a parroting talent in the children and not creativity. Children who were allowed to grasp the fundmanetals (patterns) strongly in the young age expressed creative talents later years and the children who rushed in a competeive rat-race format, fails to show creative talents. Famous examples are Albert Einstein, William Faulkner  (Nobel Prize for Literature)  Charles Schultz (Peanuts comics), Thomas Alva Edison etc.

Uni5 vents out time pressure: We emphasize understanding core concepts rather than memorising names and forms of physical objects. In current education system because of time pressure to teach the the syllabus in an academic year, over looks whether children really understood the core concepts in depth. When children goes to the next level,  learning the next level becomes more difficult because they are not clearly the previous basic concept. Example, without being the abstract of addition, teachers and parents rush children to multiplication. If children are given enough time to just learn addition in depth, they naturally learn that subtraction is the opposite of addition and multiplication is addition of groups and division is subtraction of groups.

Children take time in Grasping abstracts: The Uni5 unique system gives time for children to grasp abstract core concepts and the Uni5 pattern recognition facilitates  it very significantly. This approach increases all the levels of intelligence in a system without stress in learning.

Classroom comfort zone: In Uni5 School, each level, there will be several teachers. Each teacher like a child also is unique in teaching and handling children. Children are given a choice of freedom to be in the classroom of their comfort level. Example, in elementary level if there are 100 children of  ages 5 to 8 attend, there will be five class rooms of primary level with five different teachers and 20 children in each class room. Instead of the school allocating the children, children pick up their class to attend on a daily basis. This way, children get to interact with different children and different teachers and they tend to grasp core concepts efficiently without stress.

After every class of 45 minutes, children are given multiple choice questions to evaluate them. With Grid-ins method, computer can generate the scores quickly without giving stress to the teacher. The scores are meant meant only to relfect how well the concept was communicated to the children. Instead of low scored children being penialized, next day these children could be learning the same concept from another class room environment.

This changing environment could bring efficient learning in both primary and elementary level core concepts and by avoiding monotonous classroom system.

Please click here to read over view of the five grades curriculum

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