Primary Level Cirriculum

Primary Level Cirriculum is focussed on naturing a child using the five elements of nature outside and inside through the five sensual perceptions. We  have integrated Dr.Maria Montesorri's brilliant system with Uni5 system.

Five Universal Sensorial Self-training Materials: babies from age of one year old are exposed to the five sensorial self training materials. The learning materials initiate the child into an inner world of talents, creativity and knowledge by opening the doors of 5 senses (Touch, sight, sound, smell and taste). The infant child when confronted with the material will try to connect the sensorial impulses to its own Awareness. In this way, the Child becomes Self Aware of its Awareness by repeated exposure to the material. Dr.Maria Montessori has designed the materials in such a way that the child will self correct the shapes and colors in the correct. This is the first step of training the child to be a teacher by itself. This tremendously ignites Self-confidence and independence in the child and more important, the child transcends to its Self-Awareness strongly.

The sensorial perceptions help the child to tap into Self-awareness, the realm of all knowledge, patterns, possibilities and Cosmic order. The child glimpses the inner order and experience happiness in this Self-Awareness and recreates that order and joy externally in all the activities. This is reflected in the child independent, self-responsible, creative and happy nature.

The happiness radiated through work in a Uni5 environment makes the child to feel very comfortable in the school away from the home. The school environment becomes the second home for the child. This home gives the joy of learning through repeated activity (exercises) and self-exploration which is touching the very spirit of being. This is why we have named as ‘’Namma Veedu’’. [Veedu refers to the joy of liberation from the finite materials to infinite Being.]

The work materials given to the child in a Uni 5 environment makes the child to transcend to Self-Awareness state and thereafter, the child slowly becomes independent at all three levels, physically, mentally and intellectually. This child will also be a responsible human in the family and society.

Forced education is expectation driven: In other schools the end- results are framed in the minds of the parent and therefore the children are parroted to meet the expectations. They are forced external knowledge rather than allowed to blossom knowledge from within. This force leads later to lack of interest or motivation in studies and work. Adults become frustrated to continue force the child at all stages of life to be responsible at study and work.

In most traditional schools more focus is given to listening, seeing and recording [writing] skills. So most of the children are bored and restless and needs disciplining actions. Very few children develop own creative ideas, because there is seldom room to think, question and bring creative ideas.

Awareness-Consciousness based Education is process oriented: In the Uni5 system, the whole body of the child along with the 5 senses is allowed freedom of movement and venues for exploration along with responsibility, making the child to self create own personality.

The materials in Uni 5 School welcome the child to first Self-explore the material at all the curious ways possible. This approach gives a natural training to the child to do concentration on a given task. Here concentration means ’finding the doors to open into one’s own self-awareness’’.   Concentration at Self-Awareness level is a natural, effortless and joyful process. In other schools, children are forced to do concentration on studies or any task, which is not a happy pursuit. Whereas in this system, children learn to concentrate naturally without any strain and stress, like learning to walk naturally as opposed to forced instructed walking.

Transcending to the Self-Awareness , is the most vital training that one can get at an early stage of life which will be a precious skill for the entire life. Most parents and teachers complain that their child cannot concentrate on task like study or work. This failure or inability to concentrate is because the Child was never allowed to find their own Awareness state, which is the state of all knowledge, possibilities, creativity and Self-control. A child fully aware of its Self-Awareness, then connects easily with all branches of knowledge and also to people and situations and Self-realizes its Consciousness, the eternal substratum of the Universe. Living life with full Consciousness is complete and joyful.

Uni5 Materials are ritualistic: Objective of ritual is to help to transcend to Self-Awareness state. A child transcends into Awareness state through the five senses of sight, touch, taste, sound and smell. . Every child does a ritualistic self-training to its Abstract Self-Awareness by seeing objects, listening to sounds, touching things, tasting and smelling everything. Through these five sensorial rituals, the child transcends naturally to the Awareness state. In the infant stage every child tries to connect all sensorial stimulus with its inner Awareness. Failure to connect results in lack of Self-Confidence, independence, concentration, self-control, Self-respect, motivation, positive thinking and creativity.

If a child fails to get into the Awareness level, then in adult stage it has to undergo strenuous training techniques like Yoga and Meditation to transcend into this Awareness state. “A stitch in time saves nine” holds very good for understanding the importance of letting the child naturally to find its own Self-Awareness state through the five senses.

Imagine what would happen if a child was prevented to walk on its own, at the right age when the child self initiated to do the first baby steps. The child would always be depended on others or on wheel chair never knowing how to balance on its legs. It would have to undergo very painful means to understand the concept of self-balance. In later stages, the leg muscles also would be under developed.   Similarly a child who is denied to transcend to its own Self-Awareness state through the five senses at the right young age, may be intellectually sound, but emotionally very weak. In worst case, the child’s physical, psychological, and intellectual development will be affected.

Light of Awareness:

All things can be known only in the presence of light. Even with eyes, in dark we cannot see anything. Full potential of our body , mind and intelligence is known only in the light of Awareness. This great understanding comes from the land of Bharath’s Sanathana Dharma (Eternal to everyone at all times) which we implement in the Uni5 school through the Uni5 principles.

Every new born child after its sleeping hours searches for this inner light of Awareness. If a blind man is allowed to use his hands to find objects in his own house, then he is always independent, confident and happy at his house. Similarly we give hands-on-training to children from age of one year to confidently and experience everything in a stress-free home felt school. Children call teachers as aunt and uncle to feel the close connection. The teachers do not teach but guide children to work with materials. Every child with few trails puts in correct order without external instructions. The materials designed by Dr.Maria Montesorri are integrated with our Uni5 principles giving the children to look at life clearly in the light of Awareness.

EPL Sensorial Activities, Logical Skills [Mathematics and Sciences] and Language [age group 1-6 years]

Commonly in infancy section, most of the materials exposed to children are house hold materials and motor-cognitive- enriching materials. However, in Sakthi Uni5 school we discovered that when the infants are given materials used by children of the 2.5-6 years age group, they settled physically and mentally very well. We have also found that the large mixed age group in our Sendurai school (1-6 years old group) have made significant progress when they were introduced to the BMIAC   [Body-Mind-Intelligence-Awareness and Consciousness] methodology. When these children went to other schools in their first standard, the teachers obviously noticed their sharp intelligence and good behavior. Therefore we have implemented Uni5 methodology to the larger aged group in higher classes.

Objectives of EPL activities:

  1. 1.Any activity which can be done by an adult in the home to fulfill the daily needs can be used in the EPL exercises. These activities are designed based on kitchen, drawing room, bathroom-toilets and gardens.
  2. 2.The materials used for EPL activities are child size but not toys.
  3. 3.There are additional activities which are part of EPL activities that expose child to Human culture, behavior, civics sense actions.

What is the difference between EPL activities performed in a home and school?

In home adults do EPL activities to fulfill the daily needs where as in schools very young children perform these activities to gain motor-cognitive skills. Their limbs, sense organs, nerves, circulatory system, brain all get co-ordinates and settles the child physically and mentally. The inner order and self -dependence attitude skill of the child are developed. The more important point is that the total awareness and concentration of the child is also enriched. The left and right hands use stimulates the parts of brain that are connected with emotions and intelligence. The child repeats the EPL activities to gain these skills.

  1. 4.Adults perform these activities as work to attain a particular result, whereas children perform these exercises to practice and they are more focused only in the process of activity but not in the result. Since they are not result oriented, they are also not bound by time.
  2. 5.As we discussed earlier these activities help the child to the Self-Awareness state.
  1. 6.How EPL activities can be linked with the five Universal Energy patterns or Pancha Bhoothas?

Every movement, exercise, material in our school can be related with Pancha Bhoothas because all the phenomenon in this Universe has similar pattern. The Universal pattern of Pancha Bhoothas are five

Note to Adults and  Parents: The adults need to understand that when the child is given a chance to tap the Self-Awareness independently , the child seeing everywhere a learning opportunity to self-explore, recreate and find happiness within and share with others. A child develops with self-responsibility in actions and visualize that all the five inner faculties are expressed as Energy pattern everywhere, finding oneness, joy and Peace.


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