The five steps for health

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Healer Arasan has given the essence of five steps for healing in his quote. Observe the words of this ancient quote which has tremendous health value.

       These five steps are like the five elements (ingredients) of nature and also of our body. Using these five steps we are integrating the five elements in our body for health of the body and mind in our daily life. 

         He recommends getting up early in the morning and doing water therapy every day. Water element is recommended as the first step because our body is really a bag of water - 73% water. This means a 200 pound (100 kg) person really has 146 pounds (73 kg) of water. No wonder water is the best cleaning agent because you are replacing every day fresh water in your body like changing water in a fish tank or an aquarium.


             The healer then recommends early morning walk as the most suitable exercise for the body (Fire element).  Walking in the morning is energetic and helps one to breathe good fresh air (Air element). Walking in the morning is very relaxing (Space element) to the mind. 

            Food is the Earth element. Eating to ones own profession is the key to health. If one's job is sedentary naturally one requires only less calories of food as opposed to one who has to eat more to meets the energy demands of a profession involving physical work.  When it comes to money we spend more than income. But we do the reverse when it comes to eating and exercising. We spend less (exercise) than our income (eating). This leads to over weight and all other physical ailments.

       Next we will show the page-links in the web site about the five steps or Bhootas, the five elements.

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