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Discussion on cause of health and disease
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Auto Immune Disease 9 years 1 month ago #1723

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Dear Sakthi,
1.Auto immune disease (I have thyroid antibodies but my TSH,free t4
are in normal range) - I am on milk,gluten,egg free diet. How & when can i come out of these food intolernces?

Auto immune diseases occurs according to Uni5 Pancha Bhoota method is that, impurities in the body causes confusion to distinguish own cells from foreign and so it reacts to milk, gluten, egg, lentils, nuts etc. If we correct the body by removing the impurities then these intolerances disappear.

2.wheather taking castor oil remove all bacterias present in our gut?
because i tried it by my own based on my mom's suggestion several
times.Took one spoon castor oil with rice kanji water in the morning
for constipation.But didn't work out for me.When i asked abt it my
naturopath said it's so harsh on our gut.i wont recommand it.Instead
take tripala in night

We suggest not one spoon but 50 to 75 ml of castor oil and then keep drinking hot water...http://uni5.co/index.php/en/earth-therapy/colon-liver-cleansing.html. it will not wash out all gut bacteria, but will rmeove many and we have to replace it by drinking buttermilk/yogurt etc. Then if the gut is healthy, everything is healthy....see this link on http://uni5.co/index.php/en/sakthi-news/1333-gut-bacteria-news-2013.html
But i want to try castor oil method in a proper manner as
mentioned in your site.As i want to clean out the existing toxins.Is
it Okay

You have mentioned that we will go in reverse for your case.What is the reverse procedure?
The reverse I meant meant was also to do rituals to increase Your Self Awareness Energy (SAL). Physical and psychological problems occurs due to lack of the SAL Energy. You can transform ritualistic energy into health energy to. Start doing simple rituals like lighting the lamp and doing meditation and relaxation or chanting Mantras (Sound Energy to health Energy). See this link for the http://uni5.co/index.php/en/sal-home-for-menu-2/rituals-to-increase-sal-energy.html.

4.Give me some suggestions for positive thinking and to improve my
"courage (Dhairiyam)".Anyway started to listen to your audios which is helping me a lot.

Surely the rituals will give Energy, plus you have stop wasting your thoughts in normal brooding activity. Instad spend that on listen to good talks or books and then contemplate on what you read or listened, analayse if it is rational and then put that into practice in your life. This will help you to get courage and positive outlook in life.

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