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Re: Tragedy of life 12 years 5 months ago #396

@ Neelima

Let us once again redefine the term "Action" because at body level heart beating, cell taking in glucose are also actions. At this level there are no good or bad actions. If one action stops then it creates the problem in the system (body). If my understanding is correct, you are not referring to these actions.

As I mentioned none of the actions (good/bad) are under the control of the body, because we are clear that body is just a tool, and in reality body by itself doesn't exist, it is the term used to describe the organization of organs. So somebody uses this tool (body/group of organs) to perform external actions (good and bad).

Yes your guess is correct it is Mind which uses the body to perform actions. But in your statement you mentioned "WE MUST TRY TO CONTROL OUR MIND", so you can see mind is also a tool to someone, because someone controls the mind. So the understanding which we need at the second level is "Mind is also a tool to use another tool (Body) to perform so called good or bad actions".

A typical example - Horse Rider

Body - Horse is the one which takes the rider from one place to another.
Mind - Rein is used by the rider to instruct the horse to go in particular direction.
Note - Rider Uses the Rein to instruct the horse.

Tragedy in second level - Not understanding that mind is also to a tool to use another tool (body), it doesn't need anything as such, it just need to stay on the rider's (Intelligence's) hand and be free.

The biggest tragedy in second level is after we understand the above point, but we don't want to implement this in action. This is what we call Mind Level Ego.

In order to go to third level, we need to shed 2 level of egos

1. Body Level Ego (Thought that body is performing action)
2. Mind Level Ego (Thought that mind is performing action)

Hope I didn't confuse you too much :-) And please don't get stuck with the terms which I use, try to get the essence of it.

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Re: Tragedy of life 12 years 5 months ago #398

@ Muthu
Very good explanation and no confusion.
Thank you.

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