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Does right and wrong, good and bad matter?
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What is Dharma in Uni5? 6 years 9 months ago #2100

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Answer given by Yudhishtir for the question what is Dharmam
Yudhishtir had given excellent & simple answer that “We should not do the thing to others which is not accepted by us from others “
This will fit in all level of life
Examples like:
We should not lie at any circumstance because we don’t accept if any one lie to us
Same way we should not expect or accept brief from others like how we don’t like to brief to anyone.
We should not throw garbage on the road because “do we like if anyone throw garbage in our home
In simple words term of Dharmam is
“How you keep yourself the same way you should treat others “this is called selftual “
If we connect our self into five level of uni5 concept both internal & external understanding will be easy to follow as well as we don’t want learn puranas or Idhigasams for knowing basic things.
We should follow Dharmam in every level of our life like our business “ in case of doing hotel business we are responsible for many people health so we should prepare the food like for us without adding any chemicals.
Same way in pooja times we should clean the lamp every time before lighting like cleaning & decorating our self every day….
If we start treating or doing every action like for us than Dharmam can be followed every step of life….

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