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FAQ on Cancer
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PanchaGavya and Cancer True Story of Cancer Cure 5 years 7 months ago #2110

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Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: Now-a-days in cancer research, it is well said that our body immunity will be at its best only if our intestines are clean. To clean the intestines, research is being done by giving healthy feces to the affected person. It is said that cancer will be cured if the feces of the healthy person is given to cancer affected person. Before 40-50 years, it was criticized and made fun off for Indians preparing ‘panchakavyam’ from desi (native) cow’s dung. These days, human feces are taken as medicine. Our old panchakavyam provides cure to many diseases and especially cancer. Even I have recommended panchakavyam to many cancer patients and they are telling that this is effective. I came to know that you have experience in using this panchakavyam as a cure for your brother’s cancer. Could you please explain in detail about how you come to know about panchakavyam and your experience in using it?

Easwari Amma: My brother was 53 years old bachelor. He was addicted to alcohol for 20 years. 3 years back in 2015, one day he was having severe toothache. We went to dentist and his 2 wisdom tooth were removed. He was alright for 1 week. Again, he started having toothache. Doctor suggested for a Biopsy. We then came to know that he was in his 4th stage cancer. We were very sad to know about this and we didn’t know what to do now. We usually, went to thirumoorthy hills for meditation. We have tremendous belief in Gurumahan. We then took my brother to Gurumahan and asked for a cure. He initially recommended us to stay there for a week. He gave healing for that 1 week. After that, he suggested us to go for chemo. He also asked us to give panchakavyam continuously even if chemo/radiation were given. My brother had chemo treatment continuously for 2 months. Initially, for 10 days he was able to have his regular food. After that, he was able to drink only little juice/water. We were giving him panchakavyam without fail.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: Who gave panchakavyam to him? And, how much did you give per day?

Easwari Amma: I myself, gave him. Suggested/recommended dosage was 30ml. Gurumahan insisted not to stop giving panchakavyam at any cause. So whether my brother goes for radiation or not, we have been continuously giving him panchakavyam. After chemo for 10 days, my brother’s body became very weak, he couldn’t even drink anything and he had the food tube through his nose & he was not able to talk and he communicate with us only though gestures.

His weight was reduced drastically. So he was given liquid food using tube. We continued giving him panchakavyam along with the medicines prescribed. But we didn’t inform doctor about giving panchakavyam. Things got worse, Saliva was coming out of his mouth all the time. There was a foul odor after giving chemo treatment. Even then, I kept giving him panchakavyam. At one stage, he told me that he doesn’t want anything. Doctor mentioned that we have to give him 15 sessions of chemo. 1 injection costs INR 50,000 and we paid all the money upfront. Doctor told us that if we gave this injection, there will not be any side effects. So we decided to give him all four doses. But he couldn’t take it anymore. So doctor suggested us to come back after 10 days. We didn’t want to go back home. Gurumahan suggested us to be there at thirumoorthy hills. After going there, my brother told that he doesn’t want any medicines at all.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: Does it mean doctors were also not able to cure?

Easwari Amma: Yes. They told to come back after 10 days. Doctors knew that it is not possible to cure hereafter. Gurumahan also has already advised us not to opt for any operation and go for chemo only for our satisfaction. We didn’t accept for operation. Doctors also mentioned that they will be able to operate only if he is able to open the mouth after chemo/radiation. My brother also said that he doesn’t want any more treatment. Gurumahan continued giving healing to him and advised him to have panchakavyam and the medicine he provided. But I gave him lot of juices (apple, grapes, pomegranate, panchakavyam, carrot, and beetroot) through the tube. He will keep scolding but still I didn’t stop giving him. I didn’t give anything else except juices. And, mainly we gave him aloe vera juice with honey daily in the morning. After that we gave grapes juice along with the seeds. We usually grind seeds along with grapes. We gave him kavuli arisi kanji (Porridge) and moongil arisi kanji. Along with all of these, we included panchakavyam daily, about 1 bottle of panchakavyam per week. We continued medicines they suggested for heart and kidney health for 2 weeks. No tablet/ injection was given after coming back from hospital. After two weeks we gave him only 2 vitamin tablets. His diet was only panchakavyam and natural foods. No cooked food at all. We even stopped giving kanji (porridge) after a while and continued only with natural foods.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: So how much will you give?

Easwari Amma: We usually gave him 4 to 5 juices alternatively every 3 hours through the tube. But in all this condition, his belief in Gurumahan remained firm. Gurumahan told him it is his karma to go through all this and will be alright soon. We all thought that he is telling just for our satisfaction because my brother has to have the tube all the time and no one can near him because of the smell. Every day after 10 pm, after everyone went to bed, he would go to pranavalayam for circumambulation ( 11-48 times) and meditate. He believed in meditation very much that time. He received blessings daily from Gurumahan. It was like this for 1 month and it was time to change the tube and we went to doctor, he said that this was the only time they can change the tube and it will not be possible to insert tube next time, as the condition was worse. He was under anesthesia while the tube was inserted. After 15 days, we had to change the tube again. Gurumahan called us and told that he can go home. I was very much worried that I will not be able to continue the treatment if we go home. Also, he was comfortable at thirumoorthy hills doing meditation and receiving blessings daily. But we believed in Guru’s word. It was very difficult to remove the tube and we were warned by the doctors that another tube can’t be inserted at all. But still we removed the tube and came back to thirumoorthy hills. That day, I gave him juice and he was able to drink quarter glass of juice and the next day he was able to drink 1 glass of juice. Gurumahan called him and told he is alright and can go home. We received his blessing and came back home. Even then, we didn’t stop giving him panchakavyam.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: That is important

Easwari Amma: Per day, we gave almost 30ml of panchakavyam in the morning, noon and night. It became one of the important foods in his daily diet. His belief, Guru’s blessings, natural foods; with all this, he was completely alright in next 1 month. His blood was again tested by the person who gave panchakavyam and he was astonished by the results. His hemoglobin levels were very high. Initially, he was around 100kgs and after 2 months he was around 70-75 kg. And, whoever saw him told he doesn’t seem to have any disease. Even my brother was telling that he felt completely fine and I scared him unnecessarily so far.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: So, his mouth was normal? No smell?

Easwari Amma: Yes. He was completely normal. After removing tube, in another 15 days (with panchakavyam in diet) his mouth was normal. After that, he was able to talk normally and there was no odor at all. Even after becoming normal, he continued having natural foods only for about 6 months. He had only non-cooked foods. After that, he started consuming normal food. He was doing yoga, breathing exercise, walking, and meditation regularly.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: So within a year, he was completely cured? What all did he stop after 1 year?

Easwari Amma: Our naturopathy doctor had advised us to give panchakavyam for 2 years. After a year, he became over confident of his health and he stopped having panchakavyam. He stopped doing yoga and other regular routines. He slowly moved away from natural foods and started eating non-veg foods. He also started having restaurant foods like parotta etc. But doctors after checking his blood, told that his numbers were better than us.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: Oh! It is very surprising to hear.

Easwari Amma: Yeah, and this made him gain more confidence. But as he started to move away from natural foods, in another 6 months, he started having toothache again.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: Oh! What did he do?

Easwari Amma: He immediately went to doctor. He didn’t go back to his previous routine. He didn’t tell us about the pain or his visit to doctor. He went alone and doctor took biopsy test. But Gurumahan had specifically warned not to opt for such tests. Slowly, the wound became bigger and we couldn’t do anything to keep it in control.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: So he didn’t take panchakavyam after that?

Easwari Amma: No. he started taking panchakavyam but since biopsy was done, the wound began to spread further. So that’s when we came to know that one should never opt for biopsy kind of test since it would start spreading cancer cells quickly.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: So he took panchakavyam alone or he started having natural foods also? Did he started all this immediately?

Easwari Amma: Yes. He started his routine but he lost his confidence. But till his death he did all his work by himself. He was not bed ridden. Usually it is said that it is difficult to be near a cancer patient because of the smell. But because of panchakavyam there was no smell at all. We had kept his mortal remains for about 12-13 hours after his death and there was no smell at all. One thing was, we took a blood test the day before his death and his red blood cells count, white blood cells count, hemoglobin levels were higher compared to a normal healthy person. Even doctors were surprised that these counts will not be higher for any cancer patient. It was true that we get all the required energy from panchakavyam. But biopsy and going back to bad food habits were the reasons for his death. So from our experience, we learnt that by following good food habits, exercises, having god’s blessings and self-confidence, it is possible to cure cancer.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: True, this was your experience. But as a scientist, I can say why it happens. When a cut happens in the body, something called ‘Tumor necrosis factor’ in our body which signals the nearby cells to grow faster and heal the wound. In this case, in biopsy usually a wound is made. So the cells signals another cells to grow faster. But only bad cells grow in a cancer patient’s body. And that is what has happened in your brother’s case.

Easwari Amma: So from my experience, taking natural foods and having faith in god, will definitely cure cancer in patients. Also, while preparing juices and while giving him the juices, I usually provide healing/ pray for his good health. Always a very positive environment. I tried to dissuade people from visiting him with the fear of them disheartening him.

Dr.Pradeep Chhalliyil: You have mentioned it correct. In recent studies, it has been proven that natural foods are rich in all the essential vitamins. And, all these vitamins are lost when cooked. In 2015, it has been identified in America a person gets such diseases because of bad luck. And there are no medicines for this bad luck. Only solution is being spiritual.

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