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Is cow's Milk good or needed for human beings? 10 years 2 months ago #1825

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My few questions.After the age of say 8yrs, lactase enzyme deficiency will be there in us, so it's difficult to digest milk.
What I have analyses is that enzymes required to digest any food will be present in that food itself, but is protected by enzyme inhibitors. So fermentation, soaking, sprouting are very good ideas to do such things. But again all food cannot be eaten raw.

Coming to milk. Lactase is present in raw cow milk, but it has other harmonies which are tend to calf and not for human, which breaks only if we boil. But even lactase breaks up. Now how to retain lactase. Curd and buttermilk is fine but do we get all the properties of milk in curd and buttermilk and ghee.
What if it is other case or if one needs to drink milk,
One more thing is accumulation of other microbes if milk is kept raw for some time. Fresh milk is first warm, I think that warmth itself protects from other microbes to penetrate. So drinking raw milk would have been good if other harmonies related for calf are not considered. Because we get lactase but have to compromise for unnecessary harmonies, which is not possible.

For an infant mother's milk is the best. We dont need cow's milk really, but based on individual need of a child, it could be used as a supplement, only after boiling it. Boiling denatures proteins and makes easy for digestion and also inactivates hormones. But if it is fermented , the bacteria does the digestion and so it is good for our system. Drinking milk including in tea is not good for us. Fermented milk in form of curd, cheese, buttermilk is highly beneficial for human body also. Cheese made with enzymes are also not good.

It should be fermented with lactobacillus like species to be healthy. Again everything should be in moderation. Yogurt, buttermilk is better than cheese because of the live bacteria. Even a fermented drink with no live bacteria is not a very useful product.

From Gut bacteria stand point of view, it is good to use milk products because it facilitates growth of good gut bacteria. please see if Vegan is good life style .

2. Is it safe cooking in pressure cooker. Will we not lose nutrients? I have cooked many times in mud pots after listening to Shri Rajiv Dixit videos. They tasted really good. But the reasoning he
has mentioned about light and air falling on food while cooking was not sufficient for me. It can be true.
There are other things mentioned about retaining nutrients in pressure cooking in the following site.
He took an analogy about pressure and temperature at Himalayan plain and at sea shore.

But any way at high temperature there will be loss of nutrients.
And mud cooking distributes temperature homogenously and also brass according to Dixitji's.
But still some volatile compounds are lost in cooking.

So we should have some portion of raw food and ofcourse fermented food to retain enzymes and volatile compounds.

This is what I feel.

To the fact actually grains, cereals which cannot be eaten raw are supposed to be for birds and other creatures. For man originally there were supposed to be only fruits and vegetables as food, taking few of my gurujis discourses into consideration.
Once man found about fire and when there was food scarcity due to lack of awareness he incorporated other stuff in his food, including non veg.
This is what I feel.
Aluminum is again not good. If steel has a plastering of mud underneath then heat is distributed equally and easy to wash steel vessels. Titanium steel is still better it seems but everyone cannot offered.

Mud pots again is difficult to maintain because of high risk of bacterial contamination. We use ash and dry lemon peel and neem leaves for washing and sun dry to clean our mud pots, we don't feel much problem with this, others may feel but in routine it's easy.

No doubt, mud vessels are best. But in this site we gave pressure cooking which is better than non-stick, aluminium and microwaving to save time. Naturally many nutrient contents are lost (For every action there is always some gains and some losses). so we give a choice to the public, either they save time or nutrients. Even to save time, use a better option like pressure cooking over microwaving.

we also use the brass and mud vessels in our cooking, some of our kitchen videos do show that. Raw food also we recommend. please see sakthi kitchen

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Is cow's Milk good or needed for human beings? 9 years 4 months ago #1979

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Indian vs foreign breeds of cows . Indian breed has A2 milk which is healthier than A1 protein milk of foriegn breeds.

Indian cow breeds

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