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Is Vegan food style good or bad? 9 years 5 months ago #1974

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Is Vegan food style good or bad?
According to Uni5 as taught by Indian Rishi's, in everything there is pros and cons (good and bad).
For choice making, avoid the side of cons that will over shadow the happiness you get through the pros.

2. Vegans say not to have milk.

It is correct that human does not require animal milk (cow) when we have mother's milk available. However when we grow we dont need growth hormonal requirements from mother's milk.

Vegans say cow's milk is only for its calf. But calf cannot drink all and if excess milk is not removed then its problem for cow. Is it true?
And Our tradition, Vedas, Ayurveda says many good about milk.

But we can use cow's milk as an alternative for proteins, vitamins, fats, lactose etc like plant foods. Special note - Organic milk and not any cow's milk and even best the humped cow's desi milk is the best.

They say milk contains animal hormones. So not suitable for us
Thats correct and so our Rishi's ingeniously made us to boil milk and use it. All common-sense Indians boil milk and give to children because boiling destroys animal hormones in milk .

Ayurveda says use more fermented milk (curd/yogurt) than using plain milk , which is hard to digest. More than that it helps our gut bacteria flora, which the western world knows only now as pro and prebiotics.

Ayurveda praises the use of milk products for health benefits. This is why there are no vegans in India and less of allergy problems.

Ghee also improves the absorption of many phytonutrients from gut. So everyday use of ghee is good. However, cream pressed butter (unfermented) causes cholesterol problems and not butter from fermented milk.

Without all this unholistic western ideas, humanity now has more health issues.

Some say such milk should be consumed raw since they have all good immune boosters. What about animal hormones.

But the cons are of growth hormones. so not a good idea to drink raw milk , but boiled milk, which is better than pasturized milk which is heated only to 72 degrees for 15 seconds .

This process does not destroy hormones, only increases shelf life of milk. When children are given unboiled milk as in western cultures, they attain puberty quicker and also get cancer (one of the reasons) and other diseases.

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