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Ego and Karma 12 years 3 weeks ago #1035

Dear Sakthi,

why some people (sometimes whole family) suffering badly in their life, even if they were explained to do good things in their present birth, to pray, to realize them, so that they can overcome from their problems. But they were telling not having belief, trust in god, again and again they intend into sufferings. sometimes, i am tired of sharing some good readings and knowledge which i got from your from your site, because only receiving they are not implementing in their life, sometimes even i get frustration why this people behave like this? Is their ego so much resist to accept the good things.

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Re: Ego and Karma 12 years 3 weeks ago #1036

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Dear Sathya Arunachalam,
You are doing a good act of increasing awareness. But they dont understand that sufferings come like examination to students to make them self test, in what areas of life they are good and in which areas they are weak and needs focus and attention.

Many people avoid any steps to be taken and say belief in God. This is like a student who fails in examination and when asked to take steps to pass, the students says " believe in teacher" and do not do any changes in their student life. How can a teacher just put marks when the student has not learned what needs to be learned?.

Similarly everyone thinks that when there is suffering in life, they need to go and pray God and everything will be fine. But only by increasing Awareness of life can we change the quality of life and avoid suffering. All rituals (parikaarams) are only to increase Awareness. But most of the public just mechanically do rituals, like student mechanically study without understanding the concepts.

You are right, the Ego does not want to change, it resists changes. Ego wants to cling on to its own beliefs and does not want to embrace Universal Truth (Dharma). Our likes and dislikes and beliefs are different from the Universal Truth.

When will they change?. When the sufferings in life is beyond toleration, that pressure might force them to change and evolve.

Till then you could continue to increase their awareness. Sometime very practical logical explanations may help them to think and change. Dont get frustrated, because by doing the help , you are increasing your own awareness and the SAL Energy.

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