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Sundarkand Reading 12 years 3 months ago #511

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Sundarkand is a chapter in Ramayan. Sundarakandam is the most illustrious portion of Ramayan. Usually everyone translates Sundarkhand as most beautiful. Sundara also means most illustrious that means notably or brilliantly outstanding because of dignity or achievements or actions. ( Click to read more )
It is the chapter about success in all aspects of life. Main success is for Ram knowing about the where abouts of the lost, Sita. Success to Hanuman about realizing his hidden talents.
Success to Sita to end the days of hopelessness and insecurity.

This is why Guruji recommends specifically to read minimum one page of Sundarkand so that we also get success in realizing our hidden talents or end days of hopelessness and suffering.

Every day reading , we are creating that success pattern in our mind and body.

Tulsi das Sundarkand in English

Sundara-kandam by Malaylam Poet Ezhuthachhan

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Re: Sundarkand and Shiv Puran 12 years 3 months ago #514

Sundarkand is an excellent topic in Ramayana. And it is rightly named "Beautiful"

When we connect Sundarkand to ourselves it shows why is is so beautiful

1. The purpose is to find the location of Sita (Objective of searching. An individual's search WHO AM I)

2. During this search Rama with mere human body couldn't do it himself because that manifestation need to comply to the nature's law, so he uses a tool named Hanuman who is Vayu putra, which is the air element, which in turn is the awareness.

3. Awareness's strength is tremendous and it can't be realized unless it is used. Hanuman not realizing his own power during this chapter, but Jambavan (Intelligence) makes him to understand and encourage to try.

4. During the try Hanuman faces lot of obstacles (snake demon which is in disguise to test the intelligence, mountain to test the courage, shadow catching demon to test the raw power) comes on the way. But for awareness these obstacles are easy to handle. During these obstacle phase Hanuman was able to handle them because he realized it was not his doing, it was Ram's awareness performing all actions through his manifestation (Sense of doer goes away)

5. Eventually making Lankini realize the truth without killing her. Here also killing didn't happen, realization happens.

6. After getting into the lanka it was mere a cake walk for Hanuman (Ram's awareness) to find the location Sita.

7. After Hanuman reaches Sita, then Sita gets hope. When we connect to ourselves, the individual character (I ego) is waiting for getting relieved, when the awarness reaches the character it gets lot of hope. After this all Sita has do is to wait.

7. After finding where Sita is, then it is easy to get to her. (After finding where the character is located, then the process starts to reach it, with the current technology we don't need to build a bridge, take a plane ticket to Lanka ha ha ha just kidding)

If we can see the above points it was Ram who is searching for Sita for which his awareness is the only help to find her. After his awarenss finds Sita, then she gets lot of hope to get relieved. That's the reason Sundarkand is recommended to read everyday to emphasize awareness.

Main characters in Sundarkand
Ram - Actual WE
Sita - Our character
Hanmuan - Awareness
Jambavan - Intelligence

Here we can see the body is not involved. So if we are going to perform with the mere body, then it will be a never ending search.

We are undergoing this beautiful chapter every day in our life (searching and obstacles). The obstacles can be overcome only by help of awareness (sense of doer going away).

Keep the searching going on.

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