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Removing Old stuff from Home 12 years 3 months ago #534

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I couldn't find any broken photo frames at home but found lots of old Kumkum and vibuti packets received from various temples in India. Since we didn't feel like throwing them they are lying in our pooja shelf from long time.Do we need to remove these?

Do we also need to remove things like old Toys, old clothes, broken brass idol of God?

What is the procedure to throw God related items like broken idols, Calenders or Wedding cards with God's pictures etc?

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Re: Removing Old stuff from Home 12 years 3 months ago #550

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Unused old stuff also take a share of SAL Energy at home. This is why we dont keep anything old in Home which is not used and broken. Simpel logic why waste Space Energy.
Give it to some one who will use it. There is always some body who needs old things in every place. Use it till you can use maximum. Old civilizations always used recyclable things and no no concept of old.

God pictures were also not used. Usually lamp was used as an image of God or an idol, which will be used every day. If an idol is broken, they did aavahana ritual. This is a transfer of energy (Awareness) ritual, where you keep the intension or Sankalpa and say it is words that hereby the Energy is transferred into the new idol. The old one can be tossed off in a pit at home. Overtime it disintegrates.

Now we have plastic things photos and become a problem. You can do similar awareness ritual and then toss the things in a regular way you discard other things.

Vibhudi and kumkum are charged with Awareness Energy and so if not used in within a year can be discarded in a pit in home or in a regular trash.

We have a sentiment not to put them in trash. Reality is that when we have the Awareness that that is not useful, it loses it Value or Energy.

Broken brass idols can be given to shops that take metals. You can do Aaavhan or transfer ritual and then give it to them. If there is nothing, then transfer to a lamp that we use to light lamp.

Calenders and wedding cards having God's picture do not have any Energy Value and so can be trashed in regular way after having the Awareness in us that they are no more useful.

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