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Re: Palm Reading 12 years 2 months ago #942


With astrological advice the pain can be reduced.

With awareness the pain can be rectified, because in awareness it will be clear the pain is not experienced by the character. As you mentioned when there are always good thoughts then you will not see the bad. You will end up in seeing the good in that pain also. Then pain vanishes and pleasure exists.

The sense of Pain or Pleasure are just based on reference point. For example an individual experiences pleasure when doing heavy work out, but an other individual experiences pain doing the same work out. Here the body awareness of the first person is more, so the body pain is transformed into pleasure because the individual has the knowledge about the effect of work out, but the other person who doesn't know more about the work out experience just pain.

Since karma is based on the intention behind the action, at conscious level there will be no karma, because there is no intention behind the action performed. So no challenge :-)

At awareness level yes, it is very easy to challenge the Karma because the individual is enlightened and knows the good/sin are committed by the consciousness.

Intensity of sin less/ more is again based on the which level the individual is at

You can recollect the incident in Mahabaratha when Yudistrar gives different judgement to different people for committing the same mistake.

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Re: Palm Reading 12 years 2 months ago #945

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Thanks for your reply.

In the awareness level I will understand that the pain is good.But how do you relate it to the person who have relationship and dependencies? If I am single I can drive my own life but if I have few dependencies like father, mother, wife or son it is very tough to consider pain as pleasure? Do you agree?

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Re: Palm Reading 12 years 2 months ago #949


At awareness level you don't see pain as good, but you see goodness in pain. (Pain will still be there, but the perception shifts to see the hidden goodness in it), may be I didn't communicate it properly on the last post.

As discussed in the other post, if an individual increases intelligence and awareness level then it is easier to handle the relationship pains or pleasure. But if an individual wants be in mind level (emotional level), then it is hard to deal the family problems.

At intelligence level - As seen before thoughts structures individuals life. So if an individual see problems in his/her family life, then it is clear that the root cause for the problem is the individual's thought, it is not the other person. If he/she understand and realize this, then they start watching their trouble making thoughts which are the root cause of problems in the family.

For example when there is a issue between a husband and wife, and if husband or wife thinks the problem is because of them, then there goes the problem and the individual changes. An ideal situation will be both of them think the same, then there will be no problems.

It will be so easy to see when dealing with kids. We can see they reflect our thoughts.

At awareness level an individual character has a single status always :-) sounds like fun isn't it?? :-). But the only difference is the character just witnesses the action performed by the emerging thoughts. But the thoughts at this level have already undergone refining process at intelligence level. So the thoughts which are emerging are for a purpose and an individual just witnesses it.

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Re: Palm Reading 12 years 2 months ago #950

Dhyana yogam chapter of Bhagavatgeeta would answer your questions very well.

As Muthu has mentioned All the relationship problems or any other kind of pain arises due to our adverse thinking only.

We must know how to handle these thoughts and master our mind. All this cannot happen immediately as you learn about these things. We must bring whatever we learn into practice.

What happens is whenever we come across a situation that we just cannot bear, at once we get agitated and we completely get imbalanced. So when such situation appears, we must not get involved in the incident. We must learn to witness the event and try to practice this technique. You can start practicing it with very very small things and then one day you will be able to tackle a big problem too in your life.

This way the situation becomes just a scene for us and is separated from us. Everything is sketched by the Paramatma and is well taken care of by him and we don’t have to interfere in his creativity.

Don’t get stuck with the names and forms of individuals as we can even accept different names of Gods. We need to move beyond these names and forms, only then we get close to the Truth. Then we realize there is only One i.e. God and “Bramha satyam and Jagat is Mithya”.

As we treat everything in temple or pooja room sacred for example we pray to the entrance, the bell, the Pancha patra and different gods present there similarly try to consider the whole universe as God then we can feel the presence of God in everything. Then we experience the Akhandatmaka samatva bhavana i.e. Oneness feeling. Then Happiness or Sadness won’t affect us like when we observe waves whether they are a small waves or bigger waves they won’t matter us or even if there are no waves at all that is also fine i.e. when we won’t have any expectations and would perform all of our actions with unconditional love.

We must always remember Sri Rama in this aspect, he would always remember those who has done small favor for him and he would always wish for their wellness who have hurt him many times in his life.Realize and be aware of the presence of God in everything for a happy life.

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Re: Palm Reading 12 years 2 months ago #962

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Hope good post from Neelima and Muthu gave you the answer. Just to summarize...when we have an identity feeling, we feel that the script is written by us. When we dont have an identity feeling, then we do play the script. This is the beauty of the whole thing.

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