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Doubts on consuming 4-5 liters of Water per day 9 years 4 months ago #1001

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Doubts on Water intake

Now, let us all get ourselves clarified from our ever rising doubts regarding the intake of 4-5 liters of water per day.

1. Do the Kidneys get overburdened by taking 4-5 liters of water?
Our body has 5 lit of blood and 70% of water. This 5 lit of blood travels continuously through our blood veins and reaches kidneys. Kidneys filter this blood by removing the unwanted waste materials, toxins and excess water in the form of urine.
Around 180 liters of water is filtered by our kidneys every day and are reabsorbed back. Only the excess water is excreted as urine. Regardless of the quantity of water we take the functioning of the Kidneys remains the same. There is no burden for the kidneys. It is only an opportunity provided for our body to get rid of the unwanted wastes and toxic products by consuming of 4-5 lit water.

When we drink this amount of water the acids and toxins get diluted and are excreted out without any irritation or burning sensation. The real burden for the Kidneys is only the toxins and waste products in the blood, where these toxins and unwanted waste products are sent back and reabsorbed. So the same work of filtering is being done again and again by the kidneys and therefore the burden for our kidneys.

2. Blood might get diluted by drinking so much of Water?

Samson wrights’ applied physiology is a book published by Oxford University in London which clearly mentions in page 35 the fact that even if we take 2 liters of water at once it won’t dilute the blood.

3. All the essential minerals might get lost while excreting so much urine?
This is also clearly explained in the book Samson wrights’ applied physiology published by Oxford University in London. After filtering Kidneys release only the unwanted waste products. So whatever amount of water we take it is only the excess nutrients that are released but not what the body requires.

4. Reason for Excess urination

Generally in the process of filtering the blood, Kidneys absorb the necessary water and discharge the excess water in the form of urine. When we take more water the filtered water is not absorbed again. So, that excess water goes out in the form of urine. This way, our kidneys have a great mechanism to retain water that is necessary and discharge excess water.

5. What do we do if our water has excess fluorine?
Some people may be worried about the Fluorine in water and they drink less water. But intake of less water would be more harmful than consuming fluorinated water. Intake of more fruits and vegetables would minimize the effect of Fluorine entered in our body.

6.Which water to take

•Use the water that is stored in Clay Pots during summer season.
•Other times it is better to use water stored in Copper vessels or steel vessels.
•People suffering from acidity, ulcers in the intestines, Asthma, Cold and cough have to use warm water throughout the day.
•Refrigerated water is always harmful. Very hot and very cold items are always bad.
•If you are used to consuming bottled water or distilled waters you will have to continue taking it throughout your life.

I hope all of you are now worry free and are ready to consume 4-5 liters of Water per day from Today on wards.

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